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Types of Roti Tawas

Types of Roti Tawas
When you shop for the best roti tawa, you need to carefully select the one that saves gas, heats evenly, has quality built-up, and makes your cooking profound.



‘Chapati’ in Indian cuisine is one of the staple foods in many Indian states. It is prepared differently, starting with the small, hand-made rotis to the soft pita bread. In earlier days, these rotis were made in the earthen oven, where women used a wire mesh to roast both sides of the tortilla and serve them hot. But, now, there is not even a single kitchen which uses the earthen ovens. So, to prepare the dish, you will need the best Tawa for chapati.

Several variations have been introduced to the Tawa pan designs, because of which we are here today. This article will discuss various facts about this Indian cooking element, starting with explaining its uses to the top Tawas you can get in the Indian market.



Table of Content

  1. How To Decide the Best Roti Tawa
  2. What Are The Materials Used In The Making Of Roti Tawa?
  3. Different types of Roti Tawas and the links
  4. Conclusion
  5. Why Meyer?



1. How To Decide the Best Roti Tawa


Let’s check out the elements to choose the best for your kitchen.


Tawa Diameter – Different sizes of Tawas are available in the market. Usually, it ranges between 8 inches to 16 inches. If you want to use tawa for making chapatis, then any tawa of 8 inches will be sufficient. If you wish to make dosas, pancakes, or Pudla – go for a larger size tawas for better shapes.


Material– There are several varieties of tawas available. Tawa comes with different materials like aluminum, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron. Ideally, cast iron tawas are best to use. It’s long-lasting and uses for long generations.


Handle –The handle material and ease of use is the most crucial factor. It should be comfortable to use and heatproof.


Cooktop compatibility –When you want to get the best Tawa for chapati, you need to look for the cooktop compatibility without fail. If you have only a gas stove and are not planning to buy an electric oven, you can choose any Tawa. But, if you have an induction, you need to be sure that the Tawa you have chosen is compatible with the induction cooktop. Most of the stainless steel and non-stick Tawa online are perfect for the induction cooktops since they are heat-resistant and have high conductivity. So, they won’t burn the food or cause any accident when placed upon the electric oven’s glass cooktop.


Warranty Period –The warranty period is an essential factor as it directly affects the after-sales service. If, by any chance, there is a manufacturing fault, one can get a product replacement without charge. The warranty period is in the images.


 Design –The next thing to worry about before finalizing the best roti Tawa is the design of the cookware. We have already discussed that the Tawas come in different design forms. So, based on your convenience, you can choose any of these:


  1. Flat Tawas with a centimeter shoulder surrounding the circumference
  2. Concave Tawas with a slight depression at the middle with no shoulder to prevent the liquid from rolling down
  3. A mix of flat and concave Tawas with a non-existent dent at the center
  4. You need to choose the design based on the type of dishes you will cook. If you want the pan to prepare only the flat-foods, you need the flat Tawa. If you want to use the prestige dosa Tawa online for frying or searing the foods, you can go with the second or the third design type we have discussed here.



    2. What Are The Materials Used In The Making Of Roti Tawa?


    When you shop for the best Roti Tawa, you need to carefully consider the choice of the materials. With the difference in the material, the pros and cons of the utensil will also vary.


      1. Stainless steel

     One of the most common materials used in making the gas top or the induction Tawa is stainless steel. Made from a combination of iron, carbon, nickel, and chromium, the alloy serves many purposes, thereby making the Tawa best for making chapatis, rotis, flatbread, pita bread, and so on.
    For example, sometimes the percentage of chromium is kept higher in the alloy, because of which the Tawa can resist the damages imparted from high temperature. Hence the best Tawa for chapati can cook the dish faster by conducting a high amount of heat.


      2. Cast Iron

     The next type of material used for ages in the manufacturing of the Roti Tawa is cast iron. Still, in many Indian homes, you will find that the cast iron Tawa is widely used for making tortillas, hand-made chapatis, etc. Made from high-quality iron material, this particular Tawa can heat up quickly. Since its heat-retaining capacity is high, it allows the food to get cooked faster.


      3. Nonstick

     Another fantastic component used in the manufacturing of Roti is the nonstick materials, like Teflon. In most professional kitchens or modern homes, people are using non-stick Tawas to prepare the dishes. The Teflon is highly resistant to heat and also prevents the sticking of the food to its surface. Because of this, the non-stick roti Tawa has become so popular in recent years.



    3. Different types of Roti Tawas and the links to help you out:


    With so many Tawas surrounding you, it is imperative to feel overwhelmed when choosing the best Tawa for chapati. Not only do you need to have a look at the price of the cookware, but you also need to think about the material, design, handle, etc. Sharing the direct links here to help you out:


    Serial no. Product Name Check out these links
    1 Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti/Chapati Tawa


    Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti/Chapati Tawa

    2 Circulon Non-Stick Hard Anodized Curved Roti Tawa
    Circulon Non-Stick Hard Anodized Curved Roti Tawa, 26cm
    3 Meyer Premium Non-Stick Curved Roti Tawa
    Meyer Premium Non-Stick Curved Roti Tawa, 26cm, Orange (5mm thick)
    4 Meyer Premium Hard Anodized Curved Tawa
    Meyer Premium Hard Anodized Curved Tawa, 26cm (5mm Thick)
    5 Meyer Non Stick Edge-Less Induction Flat Tawa
    Meyer Non Stick Edge-less Induction Flat Tawa, 30 cm




    4. Conclusion


    Choosing a random Tawa isn’t the best choice ever. You will be wasting your money as well as your time. Please make sure to go through the points mentioned above, so that you won’t have to face any hassle in the future.

    Also make sure you go for a branded Tawa. We understand that sometimes we worry about the price and other factors. But, buying a branded Roti Tawa has its perks. Let’s see how a branded Tawa will help you in cooking your favorite dishes in the kitchen:


      • With a brand name, you will have assurance about the cookware. This way, if something goes wrong with the Tawa, you can ask for a replacement, which wouldn’t be possible if you are buying regular cookware.In case of a manufacturing defect, they would instantly replace it.
      • Buying a branded Tawa will help you cook your dishes safely without fear of accidents. The screws and other annealed hardware parts are perfect and are fitted firmly so that no accidents can occur. But, this guarantee won’t be there in the case of a local Tawa.
      • In case you are buying a nonstick Tawa, you will have two options. You can either buy a branded one, or you can get a local one. Now, the problem with a local one is that they don’t provide a guarantee on the non stick layer. So, after using it for a few days, you will find that the nonstick layer is peeling off, thereby rendering the cookware useless.



    5. Why Meyer?


    Meyer is a trustworthy and one of the oldest brands for cookware. Its a brand that works persistently to offer its customers the best cookware products. For healthy cooking, use Meyer cookware which has no PTFE, PFOA or BPA that might leach into your food and add magic to your cooking. All products & coatings are approved by US FDA – United States Food & Drug Administration & EFSA – European Food Safety Authority & the ANSES – French Food Safety Agency.

    A Global Leader in Cookware Since 1951- Meyer is a brand that is primed to help you achieve your culinary goals.

    For product specific details, please click on the links shared above and check.



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