Filipino Spaghetti

A person can't have enough excuses to eat pasta, and what better excuse than trying out a new recipe! If you are someone who loves pasta and meat, Filipino spaghetti is the recipe for you. A sweet and spicy tomato sauce, with two kinds of meats i.e. mutton keema and chicken sausage, this is a delight for your taste buds. Moreover, the spaghetti is also topped with some grated cheese and aromatic herbs to make it the ultimate comfort food.


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  1. What is Filipino Spaghetti?
  2. Quick and Easy Filipino Spaghetti
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What is Filipino spaghetti?

​​Filipino Spaghetti can be described as an adaptation of the Italian spaghetti bolognese. A bolognese is a meat based tomato sauce, usually made with minced pork. A traditional Filipino Spaghetti along with the minced pork, consists of sliced hot dogs. The sauce for this spaghetti is a tomato sauce, optionally sweetened to some extent with banana ketchup and a hint of spiciness. Generously topped with grated cheese on top of the finished spaghetti, it is classified as a comfort food in Philippines cuisine. All the ingredients were cheap and easily available, therefore, it was a pasta dish that was prepared quite often, mostly on the birthdays of children.


Quick and Easy Filipino Spaghetti

In our version of the Filipino spaghetti - an Italian Dish , we've used mutton keema to add a delicious meaty flavor and chicken sausages to make it similar to the traditional recipe. If you're in the mood to give it a shot and experiment with a new kind of pasta dish, this Filipino spaghetti might just be your thing. With all the ingredients easily available near your home, a pasta recipe that can be whipped-up in only one pan for the whole lot, makes this recipe a cheap and convenient option. 


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    How to make Filipino Spaghetti?

    1) Heat a non-stick pan over medium low heat. In the pan add the oil, minced onion and garlic; sweat them in the pan till they get soft and translucent.

    Fillipino Spaghetti

    2) To the cooked onions and garlic add the mutton keema and cook it over medium heat for 5-6 minutes, or till it's fully cooked.
    Fillipino Spaghetti

    3) Add the chopped capsicum and carrots to the pan, with the sliced chicken sausages. Add in water and cover it for 10-12 minutes or till the water is reduced.
    Fillipino Spaghetti
    4) Toss in the crushed and peeled tomatoes and tomato puree. Mix all of this together and cover it on medium low heat for 10-15 minutes till it is cooked and reduced.
    Fillipino Spaghetti
    5) Season the whole dish with dried herbs and chilies. Add salt to taste. Finish it with heavy cream.
    Fillipino Spaghetti

    6) Add the boiled spaghetti in the sauce and toss it together to fully coat. Turn off the heat, top the pasta with grated cheese and cover it till the cheese is melted.
    Fillipino Spaghetti

    7) Serve hot on a plate, topped with some more grated cheese and dried basil.
    Filipino Spaghetti


    Expert Tips

    1) Add the onion before the garlic, as garlic cooks faster.

    2) Don’t cook the pasta fully while boiling, as it will cook in the sauce also.

    3) Overcooking the tomato sauce can make it lose its flavor.

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