4 Delicious Paneer Recipes

Paneer is often the meat of vegetarians in India with a variety of recipes of paneer and is treated like a king ingredient meant for happy occasions. An extremely popular staple in the Indian kitchen, paneer can be made in a variety of combination and textures.

Here we have for you an array of recipes of paneer, that is indulgent, scrumptious yet extremely healthy and wholesome. Spruce up a meal for a get-together or choose something for a quiet meal with the family – you will find something for every occasion.

Get your kitchen tools in order and get ready to cook.

Cottage Cheese Cake Recipe

One of the most creative recipes of paneer. A cheesecake recipe made using the good old paneer or cottage cheese as opposed to the cream cheese, which is hard to find and also expensive. It is flavoured with fruit jam giving it a fruity flavour and a light pink colour that accentuates its beauty!

Check out the full recipe here

Blueberry And Rose Rasmalai Recipe With Paneer

A typical festive treat, this recipe of paneer is enriched with the fruity flavours of blueberry and the sweet aroma of roses.

Check out the full recipe here

Palak Paneer Canapes Recipe

A bite-sized canapé with smoky garlic flavoured spinach and creamy cottage cheese, this is one creative recipe of paneer that brings back all the familiar flavour of palak paneer wrapped up in a single bite.

Check out the full recipe here

Papad Crusted Vegetable Croquettes Recipe 

A very typical Indian teatime snack, the humble vegetable cutlet gets a little bit of a makeover with a crispy papad crust in the recipe of paneer.

Check out the full recipe here

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