Badi elaichi - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Badi elaichi - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Badi Elaichi or black cardamom is an important spice in Indian cooking. It gives the dish a better taste and smell, and it is a key ingredient in many signature recipes.  Adding a little cardamom or elaichi to a sweet or savoury dish will always make it taste better.

It is also known as moti elaichi, and it can be used in cooking and to take care of your skin and hair. 


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What is Badi Elaichi?


Badi Elaichi is a herbaceous plant in the Ginger family. Its scientific name is Amomum subulatum. Most of the time, they grow in mountainous areas like Southern China and the Indian Himalayas. They are tough, wrinkled, and dry, and they come in pods with dark-colored seeds inside. Amomum subulatum is used as a spice in Indian cooking. Its surface is thick and black. It works well to make food taste better. Also, Black Cardamom makes the mouth feel more fresh. Black cardamom is full of antioxidants that help fight many types of cancer. It also has substances that kill bacteria in the stomach that are antibacterial.


Black cardamom is good for people with heart problems. Kali or Moti Elaichi regulates blood pressure levels. So, there are less chances of running into a cardiac arrest. It doesn't help people with high blood pressure. In fact, it helps keep blood pressure at a healthy level.



Different types of badi elaichi:


Black cardamom comes in two different kinds:


  • Amomum subulatum is the black cardamom species used in Indian cooking.
  • Amomum tsao-ko is a type of black cardamom used in Chinese cooking.



Difference between black cardamom and green cardamom:


Cardamom, also known as Elaichi, is often used in Indian cooking. On the market, green cardamom costs a lot more than black cardamom. Black cardamom, which is one of the "must-have" spices, really gives Indian dishes a strong, complex flavour. Green cardamom seeds are often used to add flavour to food. Black cardamom seeds are added to curries, dishes, etc. in the same way.


Both cardamoms are used in a lot of dishes to give them their own, different tastes. Since the day it was made, green cardamom has been getting more and more popular. On the other hand, people who didn't know about this kind of spice before are slowly learning about black cardamom.


The pods of Green Cardamom look bigger than those of Black Cardamom.



Health benefits of badi elaichi:


In Indian cooking, black cardamom is a very important spice. It gives the dish a better taste and smell, and it is a key ingredient in many signature recipes. It is also known as moti elaichi, and it can be used in cooking and to take care of your skin and hair.


  1. Bringing down blood pressure

Black cardamom is good for lowering blood pressure because it contains antioxidants and makes you pee. It brings high blood pressure back to normal. So, researchers say that you should eat at least 3 grams of black cardamom every day to get its benefits.


  1. Help with breathing

Cardamom is a better choice for people who have breathing problems like stuffy noses, asthma, or similar ones. Its antioxidant properties help stop mucus from coming out when you cough or have a cold. It soothes a sore throat and helps clear the airways.


  1. Treats Scalp infection

Moti elaichi is good for treating scalp infections because it kills bacteria and stops wounds from getting worse. This simple ingredient you can find at home works much better than shampoos with chemicals.


  1. Good for skin
  • Its high Vitamin C content and antioxidant properties help the blood flow and protect the skin from harmful substances. As dust builds up on the skin, these dangerous substances stick to it. Then, the pollutants get into the skin. With honey, turmeric powder, and a tablespoon of black cardamom paste, you can give your skin a boost.
  • Whether you eat black cardamom or use it as an oil, it will help your hair grow stronger and healthier. Massage the oil into the hair from the scalp to the ends for 10 to 15 minutes. When used often, it makes hair thicker, stronger, and more shiny.
  • It also heals irritated and itchy scalp, which can lead to more infections, because it has a lot of antioxidants. Use the oil often to get the best results.


  1. Black cardamom is good for men
  • Cardamom is great for a man's health in the bedroom. It is known to be an aphrodisiac, which means that it makes men more sexually driven, sexually interested, and sexually active.
  • Did you know? That cardamom can also be used as a natural substitute for Viagra? If you eat cardamom or add it to your food, or if you use an oil made from cardamom and rub it on your genitalia, the blood flow in your private area will improve, which will help you get stronger erections.
  • Not everything. When used right, this simple spice can also help with digestive problems in men, heart problems, diabetes, and asthma.



How to use badi elaichi for health purposes?


  • A few pieces of cardamom in your mouth can make you hungry.
  • A few pieces of ground cardamom can be eaten to keep your breath fresh. You can make it easier to eat by putting it in your toothpaste before you brush your teeth.
  • Cardamom oil can be used in massages because it helps relieve mental and emotional stress right away. You can also use the oil to ease pain in your muscles and joints.
  • The black seed can also help relieve muscle pain. So, if you feel like throwing up, you can take a small amount of cardamom seed powder and swallow it with a glass of water. This treatment will help with pain and spasms.
  • Chewing a few cardamom seeds everyday will help in detoxifying your body. For best results, make sure to eat a handful of these seeds after every meal.


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