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Chickpeas (Channa) Like Never Before

Chickpeas on chana is a pantry staple in the Indian household but most of our recipes with chickpeas are the old, tried and tested ones like chole bhature or chana masala. It is time for you to give the good old chana a hot new makeover.

Let us not forget that chickpeas are one of the best sources of protein and one of the healthiest meal option for a vegetarian family. Chickpeas- an all-around delicious ingredient is really indispensable. Not convinced? Take a look at these incredibly versatile recipes with chickpeas. We guarantee you will fall in love very quickly.

Get your pots and pans in order and get ready to cook.

Traditional Chana Masala Recipe

A traditional north Indian dish made with chickpeas cooked with spices. This recipe is enjoyed with a deep-fried or baked bread.

Check out the full recipe here

Chickpea And Sesame Burger Recipe

A protein-rich healthy burger recipe with a sandwich, to curb the fast food cravings without all the additives, sugars and artificial flavourings; also a nice change from the regular potato patties.

Check out the full recipe here

Hummus Recipe 2 Ways

This quirky recipe with chickpeas is a Mediterranean dip/spread made out of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. Always a hit at game days.

Check out the full recipe here

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