Best Soup Recipes for Winters

Wintry weather be weary, we are armed up with warm, wonderful soupy saviours!


"To feel safe and warm on a cold night all you really need is soup!" True, with the onslaught of the fiercely cold winters, there’s nothing more appealing than the superfood soup. Healthy, hearty and heavenly, soup doesn’t only banish the bite out of a chilly night, it also is easy to prepare and recharges your wilted spirit instantly.


Whether you are rustling up a bowl of hearty stew or whipping up a broth-based treat, you are sure to enjoy a delectable meal along with plenty of benefits. Here are some incredible benefits of soups:


1)Easy, Simple & Versatile: There is no one recipe or one vegetable that you ought to or should use. You can be experimental and include a variety of vegetables including herbs and seeds to prepare soup.

 2)Rich in flavour: It is not only very simple to cook but also scrumptious to savour and of course perfect to tackle the winter woes. No wonder, this is one meal that you turn to everytime you are feeling low, tired or sick.

 3)Perfect to lose or manage weight: This vegetable laden diet, decreases your calorie consumption and increases your proteins and fibre intake. It also makes you feel fuller as a result of which you tend to eat less.

 4)Keeps you hydrated: During winter, it is common to consume a little less water. Soups can easily compensate for this as they are mostly liquid, therefore, a great way to stay hydrated.

 5)Pumps up your immune system: Soups are a great antidote to keep cold and flu away as they are loaded with disease-fighting nutrients.



So, here are five recipes that we have selected to warm you up in this cold, chilly weather. 


Carrot And Pineapple Soup

Easy, warm and nourishing, this is your go-to recipe for a cool winter night. This soothing soup enriched with the smokiness of paprika and the amazing combination of carrot and pineapple with ginger is perfect to cozy up and enjoy the magic of winter with your loved ones.

Find the recipe here-


Pineapple Rasam

When South Indian treats get a fruity twist! Yes, this rendition is totally quirky and a must try for everyone whether you are a fan of South Indian cuisines or not. Brimming with savory, delicious flavors, this is one recipe that will certainly make your winter wonderful.

Find the recipe here-


Broccoli And Spinach Soup

A vibrant green, hearty and warm winter soup that will add a bright note to your numbing nights. This also is perfect as a meal replacement for people on a low carb diet.

Find the recipe here-


South Indian Lentil Soup

A warm, rich, savoury soup made with the goodness and silkiness of lentils with a spicy coconut tempering, this will nourish your body and fill your heart with an absolute delight; a sure hit in winters!

Find the recipe here:


Carrot And Ginger Soup

Two ingredients that are laden with everything essential to keep your winter woes away. This is an all-time favourite and  perfect  to add warmth during the frosty days. Rustle this up and make cherishable winter memories!

Find the recipe here:

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