Delicious & Healthy Quarantine Curation

One-pot easy, healthy & delectable meals to help you get through the lockdown days 


After the unending office calls and chores, after settling the umpteenth quarrels between your kids, after finding million ways to keep the little trouble-makers content, after finishing the zillion house works- mopping, cleaning, organizing, washing, SANITISING, after battling the constant gloom that surrounds us all in the ongoing second wave of coronavirus in India, you will certainly be left with little energy to unleash the master chef in you. You will more often than not be reliant on quick, easy & one-pot meals. And let’s face it, the benefits of one-pot or casserole meals are many: 

- Everything cooks in one pot for maximum flavour and nutrition, and minimum efforts in preparation and clean up.

- One-pot meals eliminate the need to figure out what sides you should cook to pair with your main dish, because these wholesome recipes are thoroughly filling, nutritious and satiating.

- It can be easily stored and used whenever you prefer.


So, here’s bringing our favourite one-pot meals easy, quick, innovative and totally tasty!



1. Lentil And Vermicelli Stew

This is the time to eat healthy so that we can build enough strength to battle the calamity around us. And here’s a recipe that will help you stay healthy as well as heal if need be. This recipe borrows the concept of ever-popular khichdi but replaces rice with vermicelli and also uses plenty of vegetables and flavourings, adding freshness to it!

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 2. Homemade Thai Curry Noodle Bowl

Miss your takeout and the wonderful meals you used to savour in restaurants? Fret not, here’s a recipe that will satiate your palate, fill your tummy and make your really happy!

This hugely loved Thai curry made in-house in the form of noodle bowl will certainly be your new quarantine favourite.

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 3. Murgh Dum Biryani

Tired of eating bland and boring? Try this exciting but really easy recipe that will give your palate the perfect punch and add some tasty break to this troublesome period.

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 4. One Pot Creamy Pasta

Are you kids demanding for something palatable? Here’s a super-easy and super-flavoursome recipe that your kids (and you too) will love. Because lockdown doesn’t mean that your palate should suffer!

(But, how we wish God to take away all the sufferings around us).

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5. One Pot Vegetable Coconut Stew

Relive your memory of savouring delectable South Indian cuisines and relieve your taste buds from the wrath of mundane flavours with this easy-to-prepare, restaurant-like One Pot Vegetable Coconut Stew.

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   6. One Pot Masala Quinoa

Staying healthy is not a choice at present, but mandatory for everyone. Health is the most pivotal thing and here’s a healthy recipe with the right amount of zing to keep your palate happy and you healthy.

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