Rev up your kitchen with colourful kitchenware!



Embrace the spirit of Christmas by decking up your kitchen with cookware in bright & happy shades



Sometimes all you need is a splash of colour” to add magic, wonder and a spur or creativity to your life. But the place that is attributed as the heart of a home is often left in the hues of black and white. Yes, we are talking about your kitchen, the same place that nourishes your heart and soul, that same place where we spend most of our time. However, most of the cookware that we have in our kitchen are in the somber shade of black or silver.
This Christmas, while we decorate our homes with the beautiful shades of red and green, let’s not ignore our kitchen. Let’s infuse the colour of joys in our kitchen too, not with showpieces but with cookware that will be the perfect embellishments for your cabinets as well as for your cooking. Pots and Pans has launched a range of colourful cookware that will add that pop of happy colour to your kitchen. These cookware are 100% safe for cooking and 100% perfect for decorating. Here are some beautifully bright cookware that will add shade of happiness in your kitchen and new zest in your cooking

Meyer Merlot Non-Stick Cookware 
The 100% toxin free cookware with the US FDA & European Food Safety Authority approved coating is powered by the strength and sparkle of diamond coating! The non-stick coating from Whitford is embellished with diamond dust shield, giving it extra protection, strength and durability. As its name suggests, the cookware comes in the bright wine red shade that adds the perfect sparkle to your kitchen.
Range includes: Frypan, Wok/ Kadai with Lid
Price Starts at: INR 1260

Meyer Centennial Stainless Steel Cookware 
his Christmas, bring home flawless & fabulous Centennial for every day cooking essential. The cookware in the magnificent shade of blue will certainly add a dash of brilliance in your kitchen. Made from Nickel Free Thick Stainless Steel with NO nickel or any harmful chemicals, the cookware is 100% safe for your cooking. The beautiful cookware is not only perfect to cook but also ideal to serve food straight to your table!
Range Includes: Kadai & Frypan
Price Starts at: INR 2775

Luminescence Non-Stick 8pc cookware set 
The best value cookware set in the most vibrant shade and an unbeatable rate. Available in brilliant blue, ravishing red and captivating copper colours, these cookware will instantly uplift the look of your kitchen. These are high-quality cookware made from pure aluminium for quick and even heating. The revolutionary dimpled surface interior promotes healthy cooking and its robust construction enhances its durability in comparison to other cookware. Get the set and you are set for a seamless cooking experience.
Set includes: Saucepan, Kadai, Frypan, Tawa, Accessories
Available at: INR 5,625

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