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Health and wellness begins with healthy cooking

Health and wellness begins with healthy cooking
Find the cookware that takes care of your welfare

Hippocrates truly explains the role of good food in our life. And good food starts with preparing it in good cookware. Considering today’s drastic environmental changes, high levels of pollution, and active lifestyle, we wonder who wouldn't be health conscious. We have gauged your needs to find high-quality cookware to complement every occasion in your life. Whether it’s the occasion of feasting off savory courses or celebrating piquant evenings with your family, the set of high-quality cookware makes all the difference to both your dish and your health.



Table of Content

  1. Cookware Concerns
  2. Strain of Stainless Steel
  3. Non-Stick Cookware nuance
  4. FAQs
  5. Conclusion



1. Cookware Concerns:


​​What we might not be aware of is that every cookware is not arrayed to cook everything. Which is why even with an army of cookware, many times our food does not turn out as expected. The choice of an incorrect cookware to prepare something can either make it or break it. We make the majority of our cookware out of just a few basic materials: ceramics, aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel namely. Unfortunately, no single material can be an all-rounder for cooking all types of food. While cooking healthy meals, always keep in mind.  



2. Strain of Stainless Steel:


​​Undoubtedly, stainless steel is the inexpensive crown of durability in any kitchen. However, always check if it is marked “Food Grade'' or not. If not food grade, then,' nickel' a common metal used as an alloy in stainless steel cookware might leach into your food. Some common names which shine in the realm of food-grade stainless steel are Nippon Steel (Japan). Nickel in food can be extremely detrimental to health. But if it's food-grade, then your cookware is completely non-reactive, highly durable and accompanies easy maintenance which makes it the most versatile cookware material in the kitchens around the world. 

​​Look For: Food grade stainless steel cookware with ZERO nickel. 


Here are the good options:


1. Meyer Select

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2. Meyer Trivantage

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3. Meyer Centennial

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3. Non-Stick Cookware nuance:


​​A souvenir of 21st Century, non-stick pans perhaps homes every kitchen in the world. Always check if your non-stick is PFOA free, lead-free and cadmium free. Remember that non-stick coatings can be made up of different types of materials which are toxic when ingested. Also, the non-stick coating chips off when scratched by rough-edged or metal utensils or abrasive scouring pads. 

​​However, totally non-reactive to any kind of food, it can be used to prepare all types of savory, saucy and healthy dishes with almost no oil. Easy to clean, wash and dry, make amazing dishes without a drop of oil, scratch resistant and even heat distribution makes it the most versatile material in the kitchen 

​​Look For: TOXIN-FREE cookware with US FDA & European Food Safety Authority approved coating with No PFOA, No Cadmium, No Arsenic & No Lead  

​​Here are the good options : 


1. Meyer Merlot  

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2. Meyer Circulon

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3. Meyer Accent 

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4. FAQ: Addressing some FAQs that might resolve your cookware worries


​​Q: Is non-stick safe? 

​​A: Yes, as long as it is toxin and harmful chemical free and doesn't get overheated (meaning above 500 degrees Fahrenheit). As the chances of chemical leaching into food is more when the cookware is heated. 

​​Q: Is stainless steel really versatile? 

​​A: Yes. It is great for frying, searing, browning, deep frying as well as slow cooking. 

​​Q: Is cast iron great for Indian cooking? 

​​A: Yes, cast iron cookware suits the tone and requirement of Indian cooking as it has great heating capacity. It is highly durable and with right seasoning it will mimic the non-stick properties of a non-stick cookware. 



5. Conclusion :


​​You are STILL not sure if the cookware you are using is SAFE for your family or not? Have you got more questions about your cookware being trustworthy? You want to tell us about your cookware blues or cookware victories?? Click here to read more about our safety promises. Well, you have reached the correct place. Write to us with your questions and stories. And, subscribe today! 



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