Saw palmetto- Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Saw palmetto- Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Saw palmetto is a plant that is used in herbal medicine. It is also called Serenoa repens or Sabal serrulata. Most saw palmetto supplements are made from extracts of the plant's fruit. Saw palmetto is often used to stop hair loss in men. It is also often used to treat conditions that affect the health of the prostate and to keep hormone levels in balance. It also has other benefits, like reducing inflammation and making the urinary system work better.


What is Saw Palmetto?


Saw palmetto comes from the southeast of North America, where it grows on small palm trees. The saw palmetto tree has large seeds that look like dark berries. Native Americans have used the saw palmetto fruit for a long time because of its nutritional, cough-relieving, diuretic, sedative, aphrodisiac, and aphrodisiac properties. Today, people eat the berries whole or dry them and use them to make tea. Saw palmetto is dried and ground into a powder that can be bought in the form of capsules or tablets. It's easy to get, even online. The most common way to buy it is in oily extracts made from the fatty parts of the dried berries. Depending on how the fats were extracted, these supplements have between 75% and 90% fats. Most of the time, they have more healthy plant compounds, like vitamin E and other antioxidants, than raw fruit.


Properties of Saw Palmetto:


  • Saw palmetto is used to help people sleep, stop coughing, get rid of indigestion, treat urinary problems, and more. Saw palmetto from Serenoa repens is good for people with benign prostatic hyperplasia because it has a lot of health benefits (BPH).
  • Saw palmetto is recommended by experts as a powerful dietary supplement that can help ease urinary tract symptoms. If you have BPH or an enlarged prostate, these symptoms may show up.
  • Saw palmetto benefits for men include its effect on the urinary tract and its ability to treat hair loss, migraines, chronic pelvic pain, and other health problems. Also, the palmetto herb doesn't react badly with other drugs, which makes it a good choice for many.


Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto:


  1. Helps keep the prostate healthy

The prostate is a small gland in men that is located between the bladder and the penis. Its job is to keep sperm healthy. Some studies show that saw palmetto may be good for the health of the prostate and may help stop problems like BPH and prostate cancer. Saw palmetto might be able to help treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), a medical condition in which the prostate slowly gets bigger than it should but is not cancerous. BPH is very common in older men; up to 75% of men in their 70s have it. If you don't take care of your prostate, it can get so big that it makes it hard to empty your bladder. But more research is needed before we can say anything for sure.


  1. Helps the urinary tract work better

Older men often have problems with their urinary tracts, such as incontinence and trouble urinating. Saw palmetto may help with the urinary symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), a condition that causes the prostate gland to get bigger and slows the flow of urine.


  1. Male pattern baldness is lessened

Saw palmetto may help stop male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness, both of which are types of hair loss called androgenic alopecia. It works by stopping the enzyme that turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen-like hormone that is thought to cause this type of hair loss. Higher levels of androgen hormones like DHT may shorten the time it takes for hair to grow and make it thinner and shorter.


  1. Lessen pain and swelling

Saw palmetto has the antioxidants epicatechin and methyl gallate, which protect cells from damage, reduce inflammation, and keep people from getting chronic diseases. Several studies suggest that saw palmetto may have anti-inflammatory properties that could help treat some health problems. H


  1. Helps regulate testosterone levels

Men who want to boost their testosterone levels naturally often use saw palmetto. Controlling testosterone levels can affect many parts of health, such as body composition, sex drive, mood, and the ability to think and remember. Testosterone levels go down as people get older, and some research suggests that low levels of testosterone could lead to health problems like heart disease. Saw palmetto supplements stop an enzyme called 5-R from turning testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is another sex hormone. This helps keep testosterone levels in the body at a healthy level.


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