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Sleek & Savvy Food Storage Container for your Kitchen

Sleek & Savvy Food Storage Container for your Kitchen
Best containers to elevate the look of your kitchen and keep it organised!

Most of us use storage containers nearly every day. Whether it's carrying last night's dinner leftovers or a homemade salad to work, having the correct container for the task makes life simpler - something I can always get behind.

To prevent having a fridge full of mismatched food containers or reheating leftovers in plastic that isn't safe to use, here are some storage ideas for your kitchen that will make it more organised, useful, and streamlined.



Table of Content

  1. What should one choose- Glass or Plastic?
  2. How important is shape and size?
  3. What kind of containers does Meyer offer?
  4. Features and Benefits Glass and Plastic.
  5. FAQs



1. What should one choose- Glass or Plastic?


​​Glass Containers : 

​​There are several advantages and disadvantages to using glass containers. These are the ones we use in our kitchen, and I like that food may be kept and reheated safely right within the container.  



​​Meyer Glass Storage Jar : 

​​It is amazing how sturdy and leakproof this unit is, so I'm always confident that I won't slosh food onto the floor or salad dressing onto one of the refrigerator shelves. The drawbacks are obvious: the weight, which is greater than plastic, and price, which is more expensive than ordinary containers. 



​​Plastic Containers :  

​​Plastic has its place, but there's also a time and a setting for everything. This is the ideal option due to its simplicity, lightness, and non-breakability when transporting leftovers to work or on the road.  



​​Meyer Vacuum Seal Airtight Container : 

​​They are excellent because they are genuinely leak proof vacuum containers that are made of BPA free food-safe plastic. I prefer them because you can label them to identify food, spices, condiments, etc. and remove the sticker later to start fresh.  

Features and Benefits (Containers) Glass Plastic
Transparency: easy to see contents Yes Yes
Durability from stain and scratch Yes Mostly
Stackable Not Always Yes
Transportable: lightweight No Yes
Keep food better flavour and fresh Yes Yes
Children friendly / not breakable No Yes
Large bulk capacity more than 2 litres No Yes
Easily washable from stain and smell Yes Mostly
Safe from chemical releases Yes Yes
Recyclable Yes Yes
Inexpensive and affordable Yes Yes
Better looks Yes Yes



2. How important is shape and size?


  1. This is a personal preference rather than anything but considering the form of your food storage containers is worth considering. I prefer round jars since most of our ones are round, making for simple stacking.
  2. I also know many people who love rectangular-shaped containers because they're considerably easier to wedge into vacant areas than round ones. You may use this method to get the most out of your refrigerator and freezer space.
  3. Meyer offers several different sizes to choose from both rectangular and cylindrical shapes, ranging from 500ml to 2000ml.
  4. The most beautiful design for storing more things in less space is always the elegant one. You should buy beautiful designs since they look lovely and are used to modernise the kitchen.



What kind of containers does Meyer offer ?


Meyer Vacuum Seal Airtight Container :


​​This is the healthiest storage system with a unique pumping system that removes air from the container keeping food fresher for longer than regular plastic storage containers. The container is perfectly calibrated to fit common household staples like sugar, coffee, boxes of cereal, oatmeal, coffee, rice, pasta, spices, cooked meals, leftovers and more. Featuring sturdy, BPA-free construction and a lid that pops apart (and snaps back together) for a thorough cleaning, the container is safe, durable, and easy to maintain.


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Meyer Glass Storage Jar :


​​Banish the trouble of constantly fidgeting with your jar with this great container that comes with a magnifying lid to help you easily identify and observe every detail of the container without unnecessarily opening it. The transparent container is made from high-quality soda lime glass that is BPA free, antibacterial and doesn’t leach any chemicals into your food. The container is Microwave Safe (without Lid), Freezer Safe and Dishwasher Safe for all-round and convenient usage

​​The container has been designed with a lid that allows you to easily stack another similar jar above it. So, go ahead and purchase the entire range for effective storage and efficient organisation.


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Why do Meyer food containers have a long life?

​​Food containers that are less expensive, such as glass and plastic, tend to accumulate odours and degrade faster than higher quality glass or plastic containers. While single-use, low-cost plastic containers sold at the store may appear to be a good value for a variety of reasons, you'll be glad you spent a little extra on something better in the end. Meyer offers top quality glass and BPA free plastic with a grade mentioned on the back.



Is it safe to use Plastic?

​​If I'm going with plastic for some of my containers, I always aim to make sure I'm using a "safe" alternative, such as one made of a non-leaching material. The first thing to look for and avoid is time-consuming scientific study (who has the time?!), so I choose the simplest method of paying attention to the grade 7, recycling code and BPA free sign on the bottom of the containers, which Meyer does have, ensuring no problems.



What about reheating food?

​​Many concerns have been raised about the safety of plastic food storage containers, and what to look for if you frequently microwave or reheat leftovers straight in the container. I'm a bit old-fashioned; I still prefer to reheat my food in glass dishes and take that concern off the table.
The Meyer vacuum containers, on the other hand, have an additional benefit. I can refreeze leftovers and store them at -18 degrees C/0 degrees F, which is normal freezing temperature. It's quick to reheat for a minute or so. I highly recommend If you are using plastic, just do a quick transfer to an actual bowl or plate in the office kitchen. It's all good either way!




Explore the best Storage Container in India by Meyer here! 


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