Sweet And Savory Milk Recipes

Make the boring white milk an interesting ingredient with these amazing and versatile recipes with milk. Milk is a complete meal in itself and is one of the most used ingredient in desserts as well as curries but when it comes to home cooked meal we usually struggle to use this in our meals and hence we are forced to gulp it down by the glass – something we really not like.

This is where our recipes with milk will help you whip up some really artsy and tasty dishes in the most convenient manner possible.

Keep your pots and pans ready, its time to create some food magic.

Chicken Kali Mirch using Milk

A very simple recipe with milk that is made using your regular pantry ingredients and yields great result. The USP of the recipe is that you can prepare and store the gravy for a really long time! You can also easily recreate a veg version of this wonderful recipe!


Check out the full recipe here

Oats Malpua With Rabri

The classic Indian sweet recipe with milk made with oats giving it a different texture and flavour.

Check out the full recipe here

Caramel And Custard Kheer Recipe

A variation on the classic rice kheer recipe with milk, sugar and rice with a few added touches making it super pretty .

Check out the full recipe here

Raspberry Milk Cake Recipe

A classic milk cake or Mawa cake recipe with a fruit twist, the raspberry flavour is optional, you can either ignore it or add any flavour you like.

Check out the full recipe here

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