What are the best pots and pans that won't scratch or stain?

What are the best pots and pans that won't scratch or stain?
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When it comes to choosing scratch and stain-resistant cookware, let’s check out the common options available in the market.

From Non-Stick to Ceramic, from Cast Iron to Stainless Steel, cookware comes in a variety of materials.



As far as non-stick & ceramic cookware are concerned, we need to take care w.r.t how you store / clean your pans & also what tools you use on your pans while cooking. We are instructed to use silicone tools while cooking, warm soapy water to clean & store the cookware separately, or use pan separators. These points are essential for the durability of these cookware materials.



Now coming to Cast iron and Stainless Steel cookware. These cookwares, with regards to being scratch & stain resistant, have proved themselves quite worthy of what they claim. The answer really depends not only on the cookware type but also on the quality of the cookware. We should always strive to cook in high-quality cookware. No doubt high-quality comes with a price tag, but they would certainly serve you for years.



Meyer is one of the most iconic manufacturers of premium cookware that will still retain its structural stability even after years of use.



Table of Content

  1. Best options available that won't scratch or stain - Stainless Steel & Cast Iron
  2. Conclusion



1. Best options available that won't scratch or stain - Stainless Steel & Cast Iron


Stainless steel is the first choice when it comes to being scratch and stain-resistant. It is tough and versatile so it's suited to cooking all food types.


Pros :


Scratch & Dent Resistant - Don't worry about hurting stainless steel pans, they can take heavy use and cleaning and are not harmed by the use of metal utensils.


Heat Reactive - Stainless steel cookware quickly heats and reacts to changes in temperature which gives you more control


Withstands High Heat - Stainless steel cookware can withstand high searing heats and high oven temperatures. Cookware with stainless steel handles is safe for use in the oven as well, adding more flexibility to these pieces.

No Flavor Alteration - Stainless steel doesn’t transfer any flavor from the pan to your food, making this a great pan for clean cooking.


Easy to maintain - These pans are sometimes dishwasher safe, depending on their construction, and always easy to clean. Not being coated or made of reactive material, stainless steel is durable and resistant to damage.



Cons :

Learning Curve - Like any tool, you need to learn to use it to get the most out of it. Food does naturally stick to stainless steel, inexperienced cooks may have trouble with stainless steel pots and pans

Not Created Equally - Not all cookware is created the same, cheaper stainless steel options for cookware exist but the result of having cheaper materials are more likely to pit and warp, unlike quality stainless steel pans.


Try Meyer Thick Stainless Steel with NO nickel or any harmful chemicals, the cookware is 100% safe for your cooking. It has no PTFE, PFOA or BPA that might leach into your food. Please go through the following links for a superb stainless steel experience:



Meyer offers a 10-year warranty on Stainless Steel products.


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Why Cast Iron:


Traditional cast iron is pre-seasoned, ready-to-use cookware and has an indefinite lifespan. Cast iron can be called scratch and stain resistant as the light scratches in cast iron can be filled in with proper seasoning. Additionally, cast iron is cast iron all the way through. If the cooking surface was safe, to begin with, then the pan’s still safe underneath the cooking surface.

Basically, Cast iron is not affected by scratching, except it may rust in the area where the seasoning is scratched off. We just need to make sure that the pan is seasoned with oil and that’s it.

Pros :


Cast iron is durable (quite scratch resistant), naturally non-stick if properly seasoned, distributes heat evenly and retains heat well, imparts iron to foods (an added benefit for some), and is great for long, low simmering and browning.

Cons :

It is also reactive, and doesn’t take well to acidic foods. Plus, it’s quite heavy, takes a long time to heat up, and takes a bit more effort to clean and maintain. It's also brittle by nature which means that it may break if they fall on the ground not only damaging the pan but also damaging whatever it falls on. So, we always need to be very careful while handling cast iron cookware since it is heavy & brittle.



Check out our Cast Iron cookware:


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Meyer offers a Lifetime Warranty on Cast Iron products.



4. Conclusion:


Chefs, professional cooks, and restaurants mostly prefer metal cookware that last long and provide optimal heat distribution. Such cookware allows them to curate perfect dishes with their uniform heat spreading process and not waste any of their time or energy.

For longevity, they usually go for stainless steel or cast iron cookware. These pans last for a long time and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They are all suited for their specific tasks; for instance, cast iron is ideal for frying or grilling.

Regarding Stainless steel, they are the first ones who always stand up to expectations and deliver top-notch performance. Similarly, if we need to prepare something acidic, stainless steel cookware will not react with them or give the food a metallic taste.

Finally, both stainless steel and cast iron pans are popular cookware choices with regard to their scratch resistance properties. Therefore, it depends on your choices and preferred cuisines as to which one you should go for.




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