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5 easy and tasty home-made snacks for Holi 2021

Easy to prepare festive delights that will set your mood just right!

The festival of colour is right around the corner with all its excitement and mirth in tow. The festival is as much about splashing colour as it is about savouring delectable delights. It is the time when we hobnob with our friends, throw, splash and smear colours of all colours and treat them with some delicious snacks. Traditionally, gujiya, thandai and dahi bhalla are considered as must-make and must-have part of this colourful celebration. However, we believe we should all go a tad bit out of track and add our own distinct flavours to the celebration. So, here are some our innovative and incredible recipes that are perfect as snacks, perfect to share with your friends and relatives as you cool down after the excitement of the day and perfectly easy to prepare!

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