6 easy mango recipes to try this summer

6 easy mango recipes to try this summer

When the sun is blazing hot, when the wind is humid and when we look for million respites to beat the heat, there’s nothing more soothing to eyes than the sight of fresh, juicy mangoes! The king of fruits that comes to bedazzle the taste buds of the “aam admi” every summer is truly a much-loved & magical fruit. It knows the spell to make any mundane meal spectacular. We have amassed the myriad forms of this much-loved fruit that you can easily make and enjoy your home.
These recipes are easy to prepare and require just a handful of ingredients: 

1. Fresh Mango Custard

In summer not only the sky but mood also gets brighter, especially when you are armed with a dish like this. Let’s raise a toast to good health and happy tummy with this incredible mango custard served in a glass!
Get the recipe here-Click here


2. Mango Crepe Cake

Here’s a delicious rendition featuring the king of fruits that will take your taste buds for a happy spin! This wonderful recipe makes for the perfect breakfast, side dish and dessert option!
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3.  Mango Phirni
Mango Phirni recipe


Who can say no to creamy, fluffy mousse with feathery soft texture? A popular North Indian sweet pudding that is made using rice, milk and dry fruit, this is one recipe that will make any occasion and moment sweet and special. This rich dessert is perfect to satiate your sweet cravings or use as last-minute preparation for any gathering.
Visit this to get the complete recipe- Click here  
4. Mango Kulfi
Mango Kulfi recipe


There is perhaps no other easier, magical and aamazing sweet treat than this! Ditch the dexterous methods, you can make this with the use of only two ingredients- thickened sweetened milk and of course mango! This no cook kulfi is a breeze to make, breathtaking to look and bewitching to savour.
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5. Mango Salsa
Mango Salsa recipe

Irresistibly sweet and spicy, and incredibly simple to make, this outrageously delicious treat makes for the perfect summer treat. Along with the wonderful amalgamation of colours and flavours, this tangy treat is made super special with the presence of our king of fruits, mango. This sumptuous salsa works perfect as a side dish or you can easily serve it with chips to perk up any party!
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6. Mango Iced Tea


A concoction that is perfect to beat summer heat and stay upbeat! This is a glass of magic that is rich in refreshment, taste and rejuvenation! This simple delicacy is loaded with nutrients to keep you recharge and supply you with the bolt of energy to make any day aamazing!
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