5 Easy, Comforting chicken Recipes for beginners

5 Easy, Comforting chicken Recipes for beginners

Easy & Quick chicken recipes that you will love to cook for your loved ones


What makes a dish spectacular?

A random dish that will exude enchanting whiff, catch your fancy and tempt you to ask for servings after servings! I have always wondered about the alchemy of making a drool-worthy, applaud-worthy recipe, especially the chicken recipes. My mother-in-law has set the benchmark really high with her exquisite curations that I have miserably failed to replicate multiple times. I have tried my hands and mind in a plethora of versions, but I somehow miss to reach the mark or the top notch flavour that she effortlessly achieves. Even my hubby smirks at me while showering with fake appreciation (he loves chicken and I always wanted his validation- please don’t judge me for this).

But this is a tale of the past. Today, I have found my muse and have mastered the art of cooking delicious chicken recipes. These easy recipes are great for lunch and outstanding for dinner. Here’s sharing my inspiration of all-time favourite chicken recipes. Take a cue from them and wow your loved ones.


1. Chicken Ghee Roast

This delicious chicken dish looks so fancy but trust me when I say it is extremely easy to make. Bursting with an assortment of flavours, this easy chicken recipe is everything spicy, peppery and tangy. The recipe is slightly indulgent with the amount of ghee used but a little bit of good fat is always good, right?
Get the recipe here - Click here 

2. Chicken And Broccoli Stir Fry

Chicken and broccoli- try this combination and you will never try anything else. A really simple chicken recipe that takes about only 10 minutes and bursts with the fetching flavours of ginger and soya.
Get the recipe here - Click here

3. Coconut Chicken Curry With Malabar Parotta

An amazing alternative to the regular meal and the regular chicken recipe! The taste of this dish is enhanced with the use of creamy coconut milk and the tangy tamarind pulp. Teamed with gooey paratha, this is perfect to make any meal memorable.
Get the recipe here - Click here



4. Chicken Momos 2 Ways

Love momos but hate the whole wrapping process? Here’s the easiest way to wrap your all-time favourite street food and also add an element of crunch as well as style to this popular street food.
Check out this recipe and learn the way to make fancy looking momo without any fuss.
Get the recipe here- Click here



5. Chicken Kali Mirch

Treat your palate with this spicy curation that is easy yet extravagant, simple yet spectacular. This spicy chicken curry is cooked with loads of Black Pepper to make it really hot and happening. 
Get the recipe here - Click here



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