Buy the Bestseller Saute Pans in India

A single pan that can easily carry off the functions of multiple pans at the same time. Whether you are a veteran cook or a newbie, this is one cookware that will add smoothness and spice up your cooking affair! With straight sides and large surface area, these three top saute pans are ideal for tasks like searing vegetables, paneer, tofu, meat or reducing sauce.

Here’s our stellar saute pans that you can add to your kitchen to save time, space and energy.

1. Meyer Select Stainless Steel Sautepan 24cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

A name synonymous with excellence, Select offers premium, nickel-free stainless steel cookware that adds magic to your cooking. This wonderful saute pan by Select offers superior pitting resistance compared to an ordinary saute pan. It features a thick aluminium core that distributes heat uniformly eliminating hotspots from your food. The saute pan comes with shatter-resistant tempered glass and riveted “stay cool” handle for comfort and hassle-free cooking experience.

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2. Circulon Momentum 24cm Non-Stick Sautepan/Deep Frypan With Lid

Experience excellence with Circulon that has been designed to simplify your cooking. This globally loved cookware range allows you to enjoy minimal or no oil healthy cooking for a lifetime. And the saute pan by this premium range is something that will truly help you become a masterchef. The saute pan comes with a combo of US FDA approved non-stick coating on the inside and 100% Nickel Free Japanese Stainless Steel outside. It features the world's best coating along with patented Hi-Low food release system.

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3. Circulon Origins 24cm Sautepan Non-Stick Hard Anodized

Zero oil cooking and zero cooking hassle- experience an unparalleled cooking experience with the most premium non-stick cookware range, Circulon Origin. And this saute pan by Circulon Origin offers all that you ever need for an easy, breezy cooking experience. This versatile pan with a tight-fitting lid and ergonomic handle can serve many purposes. Its large surface area and optimum thermal conductivity make it just perfect for searing meat as well as preparing the yummy Indian curries.

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