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Which Cast Iron Pots And Pans To Buy?

Which Cast Iron Pots And Pans To Buy?
Cast iron cookware are dependable, durable and able to withstand every cooking challenge!

Cast aside every doubt and plunge into the world of cast iron cookware. These cookware bear the stamp of approval of everyone. They have always been a part of our culinary odyssey and continue to impress us with their durability and natural ability to curate authentically amazing meals bereft of any chemical interference. A high-quality cast iron cookware is a sure-shot way to curate a highly delicious meal.

So, if you too want to say goodbye to all your other cookware and revamp your kitchen with only time-tested and reliable cast iron cookware. We have got the perfectly pre-seasoned cast iron cookware range that can help you significantly in accomplishing your cooking chores.




Caring for Cast Iron:


​​Now that you have the best cast iron cookware with you, we give you three tips to make the best of this solid material:  

Seasoning :

Heat the cast iron cookware on the stovetop over medium-high heat and apply a thick coating of vegetable oil. Let the cookware reach a smoking point and turn off the heat. Allow the cookware to cool down and wipe off the excess oil. Repeat this process for about 3 rounds

Cleaning :

Always wash your cast iron skillet and other cookware by hand. If you want, you can use a small amount of soap (don’t worry, it will not impact the seasoning). If required, you can use a pan scraper to remove stuck food. For those stubborn, stuck-on food, you can simmer some water for 3-5 minutes in the cookware, then use a scraper to remove the debris after it has cooled down.

Storing :

Always dry your cookware with a cloth or paper towel before storing it. You can heat the cookware for some time to eliminate any trace of moisture as this often causes rusting. You should also coat your cookware with oil and remove the excess with a towel to thicken the seasoning.



What Cast Iron Pot And Pans To Buy – A Guide


If you are planning to shop for cast iron cookware then the question as to what cast iron pot to buy for your kitchen is definitely coming to your mind. Cast iron cookware has been a part of Indian kitchen for centuries although it did lose it popularity briefly cast-iron cookware has made a comeback with a back.
If you are ready to shop for this extremely sturdy, durable and safe cookware range, then let us help you. Here we have enlisted a few cast-iron utensils that are essential for an Indian Kitchen.




1. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti Tawa 


Every Indian kitchen needs a roti tawa and this cast iron tawa is the best. Add an authentic Indian flavour to your Paranthas, Rotis and Chillas while being assured that this is a totally toxin-free product which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cast Iron Roti Tawa

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2. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Frypan/Skillets


Perfect for food that needs to be fried, seared or browned. This skillet is also the best fit for outdoor cooking and campfire as it can handle high-heat cooking as well as direct contact with flames. 

Meyer Pre-seasoned Cast iron Frypan/Skillet

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3. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Kadai/Wok With Glass Lid


Finding a cast iron cookware with a glass lid is almost impossible and this is what makes this kadhai even more special. This is the perfect to make gravy and sabzi as well as for delicious curries, sautéing, frying, searing, roasting and getting that authentic ‘charred’ flavour in your daily cooking.


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Explore Meyer Cast Iron Range here 


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