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Is Cast Iron Cookware Good Or Bad?


Is Cast Iron Cookware Good Or Bad?


Guide to the pros and cons of cast iron cookware


Nothing beats cast iron cookware if you are looking for durability and versatility in cooking! Never out of fashion and never really out of anyone’s kitchen, cast iron pots and pans are a boon for every cook. However, many find using cast iron skillets and other pans tricky and tiresome. So, is cast cookware as good as everyone seems to vouch for or does its demerits outweigh its merits? Let’s find out today!



To buy or not to buy!


Cast iron is one of the most loved cookware ranges around the world and seasoned users will tell you that there is nothing better than this range in the market for them. However, for newbies, cast iron range can honestly be a little daunting and this is why it is always a good idea to have the right knowledge about your pots and pans before you dive right in and buy cast iron cookware online or from a physical store.



The merits of cast iron cookware are many, rounding some of them for you:


Why is cast iron cookware good?



The best non-stick cookware out there – A well-seasoned cast iron skillet or pan will work great as a non-stick cookware wherein you do not even have to worry about toxic fumes or harmful material.


Cooktop compatible – Use it on your stovetop or your oven, this will work great both ways.


Great thermal density – Cast iron has a great thermal density which means it remains hot for longer.


Long-lasting – Some might even say that it lasts forever. You will hear families tell you how a particular cast iron pot has been passed on from one generation to another.


Extremely versatile – This is one cookware you can use for almost anything- making rotis, paranthas, searing your meat, for those delectable chicken curries as well as deep-frying those pooris – cast iron can be used for almost any type of cooking.



Cast iron cookware shines for its incredible versatility as it is suitable for different cooking methods, such as:


  1. Frying – You can easily use it for pan-frying fish fillets as well deep-frying Indian pakoras and samosas.
  2. Baking – From stovetop to oven, this is one cookware that doesn’t mind the heat of stovetop or oven.
  3. Searing – This is just right to prepare juicy tikkas and grills with crispy texture. The cookware that can easily help you get the enviable golden brown shade!
  4. Roasting – This is the cookware that can easily make your dream of roasting at home true!
  5. Slow cooking – Because it heats up slowly and retains heat for longer, this suits the requirement of most of the Indian curries.
  6. Outdoor cooking – Take it for camping and make it a part of your adventure.


Let’s take this a little further and compare cast iron with other cookware material for a better and comprehensive understanding:


Specifications Cast Iron Stainless Steel Non-Stick
Safety 100% safe Depends on the quality of stainless steel Depends on the quality of non-stick coating
Durability Long-lasting Varies Varies
Heating Exceptional Depends on the core used High heat should be avoided
Care Seasoning Required Generally easy to Maintain Depends on the quality of the cookware
Non-stick surface Naturally non stick Requires oil Non stick coating
Stove top freedom Compatible with all cooktop Depends Depends




Cast Iron Cookware – Cons


But the cookware is not devoid of disadvantages. These are some of the cons (which actually are not very detrimental 

The handle gets hot - You need to be careful while using it as the handle gets super-hot.


Cast iron is heavy – It is heavier as compared to other cookware out there so you need to use it carefully, however being heavier it is also more sturdy and durable.


Needs to be seasoned regularly – The upkeep of cast iron can put some people off but if you really want your cast iron skillet or frying pan performing well you need to treat it well. It's not that hard, have a look at the video below.






Thus, the merits clearly overshadow the demerits. Hence, buying a cast iron cookware is a 100% wise decision. And if you have decided to buy cast iron cookware; here are some great cast iron cookware in India by Meyer.



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