Best Cast Iron Cookware In India For Indian Food

Best Cast Iron Cookware In India For Indian Food


Experience the wonders of authentic cooking with Meyer Cast Iron Cookware Range


Cast iron cookware has always held a special place in our memories and we can all relate to it being used by our mothers and grandmothers in their kitchens. However, after losing its appeal for some time, cast iron pots and pans are back with a bang. So, if you too have decided to re-experience the magic of cast iron skillet, cast iron dosa tawa or other pots and pans, you might be feeling a bit lost, given the plethora of choices you have in the Indian cookware market. Let us help you by providing an extensive list of the pros & cons of cast iron cookware to make your choice easier.



Cast Iron Cookware Pros and Cons


Pros Cons
When seasoned properly, cast iron naturally acts like non-stick cookware The handle can get really hot which means you need to handle them with care
It retains heat for longer Cast iron cookware is heavier in comparison to other cookware
Lasts forever – Nothing can go wrong if you use it properly It is not advised to boil water and cook acidic foods in Cast Iron Cookware
Versatile- Cast iron can be used for:Frying, Baking, Searing, Roasting, Slow Cooking, Sautéing
and Outdoor Cooking
It needs to be re-seasoned to keep from rusting
You can easily use cast iron cookware in all types of cooktops: Gas Stove, Electric Stove, Induction, Wood Burning Stoves and Barbecues, Hot Coals & Campfires It takes a little longer to heat up because of all the metal to heat


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What Cast Iron Cookware To Buy?



Meyer Cast iron cookware has 'smart' innovation to make it more functional. You can use Meyer cast iron tawa, Meyer cast iron kadai and other cast iron products to cook authentic Indian cuisines. You can easily use this best cast iron cookware range to bake, fry, grill, sear, BBQ and more.


These extremely sturdy cookware are suitable to use in all types of cooking hobs such as induction, campfire, grill and oven. What’s more - every product in the Meyer cast iron cookware range comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil right out of the box, something a newbie to cast iron will truly appreciate. Just give your new cast iron skillet a good wash with hot water and a little soap and you are ready to cook.



You can also read about seasoning here:


So, get the pre-seasoned cast iron cookware by Meyer and embark on a wonderful cooking journey. But, before you start your culinary voyage, here are some cast iron cookware mistakes that we want you to avoid to ensure that your cookware lasts forever:



1. Soaking it in water

Iron can rust, especially hot iron which means that your recently used skillet is at a real risk of rusting when you let it soak in water.


2. Putting it in dishwasher

Let us just put it very clearly, “Do not put your cast iron pan in the dishwasher”. Why? Because all that work you put into the seasoning and caring for it will disappear once your pots go through that one cycle in the dishwasher.


3. Cleaning it with soap

Use soap for the first wash of your cookware- give it a good rinse with hot soapy water and that is that. After the first wash, use hot water, salt and a non-abrasive brush and no soap.


4. Storing it drippy or wet

Remember to always give your pot or pan a good last wipe with a dry towel before storing it- water leads to rust and rust is the biggest enemy of your cast iron pan.


5. Not seasoning or completely forgoing seasoning

Remember, seasoning cast iron is important to prevent the pan from rusting. This is what will keep your cookware going strong for generations to come.


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