Easy home-made treats for a sweet V-Day celebration

             Dessert ideas that you won’t mind stealing from! 


What can you do for her? Anything, right? So, here’s a challenge (not a tough one), replicate one of these recipes and get ready to WIN…her sweet smile. Show her that you can be more, do more and love her more and more, this Valentine’s Day. Yes, we know that cooking is not your forte but these romantic Valentine’s Day recipes will surely be a cake walk! Go ahead, get ready to heat things up because nothing says “I love you” more than home-made desserts that she will love.



1. Strawberry And Chocolate Cheesecake 

You will love this for all that it is- creamy, moist and oh-so delicious! Made of strawberry, chocolate, cheese and what not, this is the cake that you will eat and keep on eating till you polish it off entirely.

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2. Fruit Jam Steamed Cake
And here’s one of our favourites. We know its emotion that counts and trust us, you can completely count on this recipe to make your V-day memorable. The best part, you can even prepare this while talking to her on the phone.
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3. Red Velvet Cupcakes
It’s time to repay all the times you missed her calls, canceled the dinner dates and forgot wishing her on those important milestones of your relationship. Celebrating the essence of love, these Red Velvet Cupcakes are nothing less than magic manifested!
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4. Rose Jalebi
Red is the colour of love and also the colour of this delicious jalebi that she will certainly love. Ditch the bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day, and impress her with hot, tempting jalebis, prepared at home and dipped in the sweetness of your love.
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5. Rose-Flavoured Rasgullas
Raise a toast to health and happiness with this Rose-Flavoured Rasgullas. You will love this treat with all your heart and belly. This recipe in glass has got everything going for it, so go ahead and prepare this sweet treat for your sweetheart.
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Have you noticed; all these recipes are in the hue that is the symbol of love- red (trust us it is complete coincidence)! Perhaps, a sign that these recipes will give you just what you want- making her feel special on this love-laden day!



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