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Recipes With No Oil

With changing times and our lifestyle becoming more and more sedentary, we all look to make our eating habits a little bit healthier. So, it is no surprise that our search usually includes recipes without oil when it comes to cooking something new.

Cooking recipes without oil is a skill which requires a little patience and skill. Here we have for you a well-chosen selection of delicious recipes that are heavy on taste and light on the oil. Our recipes without oil will change the pre-conceived notion about adding oodles of oil to make a dish tasty. An excellent choice for weight watchers gets into this section wholeheartedly as all these options are low in calories and fat.

What are you waiting for, get out of those lounge pants and into your fit gear- its cooking time.

PS – To get the best out of these dishes we recommend using non-stick cookware as they are the best option for cooking without oil.

Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls Recipe Without Oil

If you are looking for a quick hunger fix or a party snack, this recipe without oil is perfect for you. One of the easiest recipes for a tasty and quick hunger fix as well as parties.

Check out the full recipe here

Green Pea & Mint Steak Recipe Without Oil

Who said steak has to give you high cholesterol. Try this green pea and mint steak. A quick dish for snacking on the go that is healthy, light and fresh. A really great recipe without oil with peas, like you have never had before.

Check out the full recipe here

Microwave Dhokla Recipe Without Oil

A great recipe without oil made under 10 minutes. Teatime snacking was never healthier and quicker.

Check out the full recipe here

Black Bean String Beans Recipe Without Oil 

A classic Chinese recipe without oil that is fully compatible with the Indian palate and the crunchy beans give this recipe a delectable texture.

Check out the full recipe here

Spinach Cigars Stuffed With Peanuts And Cheese Recipe Without Oil

A dish suitable for any time of the day be it breakfast or as a cocktail snack with the creaminess of cheese and earthiness of peanuts and yes, no oil.

Check out the full recipe here

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