Giloy - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Giloy - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Giloy, the ultimate immunity booster, is often considered to help you with every ailment. Giloy is an essential herb used in Ayurvedic treatment and is a climbing bush. People use it to promote overall health and treat a variety of ailments, such as fever, infections, and diabetes. Giloy is an incredibly versatile herb that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. It is most commonly used to support general wellness and treat a wide range of conditions, including fever, infections, and diabetes. Giloy, the Ayurvedic root of immortality, is also believed to promote detoxification and help the body rid itself of toxins.



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About Giloy


A member of the Menispermaceae botanical family, giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is a climbing shrub that grows on other trees. The plant is indigenous to India, but it is also found in tropical regions of China, Australia, and Africa. Giloy is used as a remedy for a variety of illnesses and is regarded as a crucial herbal plant in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine.


The entire plant is utilized in Ayurvedic treatment. The stem, however, is regarded to contain the most advantageous chemicals. The plant's stem is permitted for use in medicine according to the Indian Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia.


Among other names, giloy is also known as giloe, guduchi, and amrita. The term "giloe" comes from Hindu mythology. It alludes to a fabled heavenly potion that makes celestial beings age endlessly.



Healthy components of Giloy


The myriad advantageous plant components present throughout the plant provide giloy its wide range of applications and possible health advantages.


  • Alkaloids- The molecules that give plants their bitter flavor, may be helpful for conditions like high blood pressure, pain, malaria, and gastrointestinal issues.
  • Terpenoids- The most prevalent class of chemical substances in Giloy, are responsible for the flavor and color of plants. Terpenoids have been demonstrated in laboratory studies to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-diabetic effects.
  • Lignans- The chemicals found in fibrous plants that have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities. They are also known to be antioxidants.
  • Steroids - Steroids may be beneficial for heart health, skin, and wound healing.



How to consume Giloy?


Giloy can be eaten in a variety of ways according to Ayurveda, including as a powder, kadha (decoction), or even juice. These days, it can also be purchased as powder or capsules. Giloy can also be used topically as a paste for skin issues.


Giloy should be taken twice a day, one teaspoon at a time. Depending on the nature of the health issue, the dose could change.



How to prepare Giloy Juice?


You'll need some clean, chopped plant branches to make Giloy juice. These cut branches are blended with one cup of water to create a fine, liquid green paste. To create a Giloy juice, filter this green pulp right now.



Health benefits of Giloy


Here are some incredible health benefits of giloy:


  1. Giloy for chronic fever


According to Ayurveda, two things might cause fever: Ama, which are toxic byproducts of faulty digestion, and foreign particles. Giloy works well for persistent, recurrent fevers. It is an anti-inflammatory and antipyretic plant that aids in boosting your resistance to infection and aids in a speedy recovery. Giloy possesses an antipyretic (Javarghana) characteristic that lowers fever.


Use 1-2 tablespoons of Giloy juice along with about the same quantity of water. They should be well combined. On an empty stomach, sip this concoction every morning.



  1. Giloy for chronic fever


A natural antipyretic, giloy increases platelet count and lowers the risk of complications in dengue fever. Regular consumption of Giloy promotes immunity against dengue and hastens recovery. For optimal outcomes, boil some Tulsi leaves with the Giloy juice before drinking it to raise platelet count.


How to use : Squeeze the juice from a fresh Giloy stalk, combine it with 5-7 tulsi leaves, and then boil it with 1/2 cup of water. Drink it every day. It raises platelet counts.



  1. Giloy for Corona-virus infection


Giloy can increase immunity, so it might be helpful for treating a variety of fevers, including viral fevers like corona infection. Giloy can boost your immunity so you can fight off a corona infection even though there is no proof that it can. The results of certain scientific investigations indicate positive outcomes for reducing Corona infection.


How to utilize it : For 4-6 weeks, use Giloy kadha or Giloy juice twice daily. According to several studies, taking Giloy and Ashwagandha together may give you protection from this dangerous infection.



  1. Controls blood sugar level


Giloy is referred to as a "Madhunashini" in Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit for "destroyer of sugar." It aids in boosting insulin synthesis, which in turn regulates blood sugar levels. Giloy is also beneficial for diabetic complications like renal and ulcer issues.


How to use : After eating lunch and dinner, take 1/2 teaspoon of Giloy powder with some water.



  1. Boosts immunity


Giloy has been attributed to boost a person's vitality and stimulate the immune system. Adding kadha or giloy juice to your diet twice a day might boost your immunity. Antioxidants abound in it, and it aids in the body's detoxification process. Additionally, giloy juice improves and detoxifies your skin. Giloy is also used for conditions connected to the heart, the liver, and urinary tract infections.


How to use : Take two to three teaspoons of Giloy juice to use. Mix it after adding the same amount of water. To increase your immunity, drink it once or twice a day, particularly before meals.



  1. Improves digestion


Giloy enhances digestion and lessens issues associated with it, such as colitis, vomiting, hyperacidity, and diarrhea.


How to use : Mix 1 glass of lukewarm water with 1/2 teaspoon of Giloy powder twice daily.



  1. Giloy is a fantastic treatment for lowering anxiety and stress levels. It soothes your body. Giloy can also improve memory and cognitive abilities.


How to use : Mix 1-2 tablespoons of Giloy Juice and the equivalent amount of water. It should be consumed once daily in the morning on an empty stomach.



  1. Treats Arthritis


Giloy has anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory qualities that aid to lessen gout and arthritis. Giloy powder mixed with warm milk can help with joint pain.


How to use: Giloy powder with warm milk to relieve joint pain.



  1. Youthful skin


The aging process is accelerated by free radicals. Giloy can prevent oxidative stress because it is packed with antioxidants, which in turn slows down the skin's aging process. Giloy can also increase blood flow, which gives the skin a healthy glow.


How to use : Boil a cup of milk with a giloy stick added. Drink the liquid once it has somewhat cooled. Milk has numerous skin-friendly properties, and when combined with giloy, they can be quite beneficial to your skin.



  1. Manages cholesterol

By enhancing metabolism and removing toxins from the body that cause high cholesterol, giloy aids in the regulation of high cholesterol levels in the body. Its Deepan (appetizer), Pachan (digestive), and Rasayana (rejuvenating) qualities are to blame for this.


How to use : Add two to three teaspoons of Giloy juice in 1 glass of water, stir and sip.


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