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5 fabulous & easy Holi recipes

5 fabulous & easy Holi recipes
Mischiefs all around,  radiant faces, soothing spring breeze and plates filled with delicious festive treats- Holi is all about this and more! Brining to you fav five Holi recipes to add mirth and melodious flavours to your celebration


Time to paint the canvas of our lives with beautiful hues is here! Let’s get ready to welcome the brightest Hindu festival, Holi, with abundance of positivity and the best Holi recipes. Holi is a celebration of togetherness that is incomplete without your friends! After all, there’s no fun in smearing our own face with colour, isn’t it? So, when your buddies come calling with colours and water balloons, welcome them with the best Holi snacks. Amplify the magic of those playful moments with food that will add a delicious note to your celebration.
Here is a list of Holi special sweets and traditional Holi food with step by step recipes and ingredients to help you create a dazzling storm in your kitchen.  These are our favourite Holi special recipes to try at home. These popular holi recipes are perfect to fuel your energy so that you can have a blast with your friends and family.



1. Mawa Gujiya

Here’s the star sweet of Holi! These sweet dumplings are made of maida or flour and filled with an assortment of stuffing- from coconut to suji and dry fruit. One of the most popular Holi special dry snacks, gujiya has a crispy outer layer with sweet fillings that take your palate to a gastronomical ride. Holi is indeed incomplete with this king of Holi sweets. Follow these simple steps to make the best Holi sweet, this festival!
Get the recipe here- Click here
mawa gujiya 

2. Rose And Dry Fruit Kachori

Add the flavour and fragrance of this traditional Holi snack to your celebration. Kachoris make an integral part of Holi. It is generally favoured for its piquant taste, and we have enhanced the taste by adding a fragrant zest to it. Our special kachori is a beautiful blend of rich dry fruits and fresh fragrance of rose- perfect to power up your celebration.
Get the recipe here- Click here
 Rose And Dry Fruit Kachori


3. Oats Malpua with Rabri

A traditional Indian treat, this delicacy will certainly add extra sweetness to your celebration. This pancake-like-dessert has a delicate flavor that can be conjured easily at home. Generally fried in ghee and dipped in sugary syrup, malpua is a popular Holi sweet. Here, we have given a healthy twist to this dessert by replacing maida with oats.
Get the recipe here- Click here
Oats Malpua with Rabri

4. Thandai

A refreshing drink that is specially hit during Holi, thandai is easy to prepare and delectable to savour. This fennel-fragrant concoction has a natural cooling effect that is just right to cool down after all the excitement.
Get the recipe here- Click here

5. Rose Jalebi

This Holi, add the beautiful hue of this sweet treat to your celebrations. We have given a radiant touch to the traditional jalebi to complement the festival of colours. The addition of rose syrup gives it a resplendent red hue as well as a refreshing flowery taste.
Get the recipe here- Click here
Rose Jalebi


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