Homemade Recipes To Celebrate New Year 2021

Ringing in the New Year 2021 in the safe comfort of your home?


Great! Because we have got some great and gourmet recipes for you that will add extra oomph to your celebration. These recipes are easy to prepare (you can practically use the ingredients available in your pantry), saves time (so that you can better utilise that time making grand new, new year resolutions with your friends), and healthy (so that you don’t have to burden yourself with the worry of extra calories). In addition, these recipes will be loved, lapped and licked away by all (even the fussiest eater of all).


Hariyali Paneer Tikka

An “evergreen” dish that you can’t go wrong with! This delicious treat will be perfect to have on cold winter night as you sit along and recollect the bitter sweet memories of the year to go by. The tikka beautifully blends the aromatic flavours of fresh coriander, mint, green chilli , ginger and kasoori methi to give you a treat that your palate will remember for long.

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Grilled Fruit Skewers

Don’t like the raw taste of fruits? Grill it and savour it as you bid adieu to the year 2020! This delicacy takes only 10 minutes. So, go ahead and add some tangy marination to any seasonal fruit and grill the fruit skewers in a grill pan. Don’t forget to sprinkle some chaat masala for that extra zing.

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Pepperonata Stuffed Zucchini

Want to impress your pack with your culinary skills without any effort, then this marvellous recipe is for you! A perfect appetiser, this not only looks incredible but tastes amazing.

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Tofu Steak With Salsa Verde

Going with the theme of easy, breezy delicacies, this one is another incredible treat that you can try for your New Year’s party. Because tofu and steak are BFF that are made to make your heart and palate happy. A delectable treat that will be wobbled down by your chums in seconds!

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Spinach Cigars Stuffed With Peanuts And Cheese

Your guests will hovering by this delicacy as soon as you place them on a tray. These treat has everything going for it- packed with nutrition and presented in way to get you lots of appreciation! Insanely addictively and incredibly easy to prepare, this is a must-have New Party treat.

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