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Indian Long Pepper- Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Indian Long Pepper- Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Long Pepper is first mentioned in ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts, where its therapeutic and culinary properties are extensively discussed. It arrived in Greece around the sixth or fifth century BCE, although Hippocrates only mentioned it as a spice and not as a medicine. Long Papper was a significant and well-known spice among the Greeks and Romans before the Columbian exchange.



What is Long Pepper (Pippali)?

Long pepper, commonly referred to as pippali, is a really special spice to have on hand. It is the piper lognum fruit, and in contrast to many other fruits and spices, it is healthier when it is still unripe.

Nutritional Value of Long Pepper:

Alkaloids, beta-sitosterol, and analgesic are abundant in pippali, or Indian long pepper. There are also a lot of eugenol, glycosides, piperine, resins, sugar, saturated fat, volatile oils, piplartine, myrcene, terpenoids, quercetin, triacontane, and sylvatine in it. Long pepper contains all of these necessary nutrients and chemical substances, which support the improved health and overall system performance.

Health Benefits of Long Pepper (Pippali)

Let's look at some of the top health advantages of long pepper after learning about its nutrition. Even Long pepper has a variety of medical uses. This plant's root is beneficial and useful in easing pain and inflammation.

Long Pepper is beneficial to diabetic individuals:

Diabetes is a condition that affects millions of people every year and is brought on by abnormally high or low blood glucose levels. If left uncontrolled, this can cause a variety of issues with the system, such as organ failure, amputation, and even death.

Diabetes patients are advised that management or control of the condition is the best course of action even though there is no surefire cure. Long used in Ayurvedic medicine, Indian long pepper is a treatment for this illness.

By regulating blood sugar levels, long pepper helps to make the situation far more tolerable and safe.

Long Pepper guards against liver problems:

A healthy system is guaranteed by a functioning liver. It has an important impact on how your digestive system functions as well as how your body secretes specific hormones and enzymes. Today, we all consume a lot of processed foods, which causes various liver disorders to occur, making liver problems extremely widespread.

Components in long pepper are known to shield the liver. It can guarantee that liver toxicity is always under control and shield against jaundice.

Benefits of long pepper for weight loss:

More and more individuals are developing obesity because we are continuously exposed to processed foods and junk food, and we have grown accustomed to eating those things rather than wholesome home-cooked meals. Not simply for reasons of self-image and aesthetic standards, but also for health grounds, the concept of weight loss is utterly consumed throughout the world. 

Long pepper aids in maintaining weight loss. It basically decreases the amount of body fat and eliminates fatty toxins, which aids in weight loss. Indian long pepper does not have any negative effects on your body when used for weight loss, unlike diets or weight loss medications.

Long pepper combats bacterial infections:

Long pepper has potent antimicrobial properties. Since germs are a constant in your environment, there isn't much you can do to protect your body from contact with them. You can, however, stop bacterial illnesses from happening.

The body is shielded from bacterial infections by long pepper. It also aids in this by having anti-amoebic qualities. To obtain this defence, one can consume the pepper's root or stem.

Long pepper beneficial for menstruation issues:

Since the beginning of time, Indian long pepper has been used to treat menstruation irregularities. It can ease cramps associated with the menstrual cycle and reduce heavy bleeding. Even fatigue and certain PMS symptoms are reduced by it.

In addition, pregnant women who are in labour have used Indian long pepper to amplify uterine contractions and hasten delivery. In order to promote the uterus's rapid healing after childbirth, many women also take this spice. It is said to be quite helpful in these situations.

Long pepper oxygenates your body:

Your organs need to get oxygen and energy from the lungs in order to function at their best capacity. Numerous medical issues, including organ failure and sepsis, can arise when individuals don't get the oxygen they need or at the pace they need it.

It is crucial that oxygen circulate throughout your blood effectively and without any issues. Long pepper aids in promoting the blood flow that carries oxygen to the organs and the brain.

Long pepper improves skeletal health:

A sturdy foundation for your body comes from healthy bones. Indian long leaves contribute to the general health of your bones by strengthening your complete skeletal system. You may feel more confident and resilient as a result of this. Fractures and other bone issues can develop over time in people with weak bones.

Long pepper has Aphrodisiac properties:

There are Aphrodisiac qualities to Indian long pepper as well. You can relax and get more at ease with it. Both lifespan and erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated with it. Indian long pepper also has a fantastic libido-stimulating effect, which is another fantastic usage for it.

Additional benefits of Long Pepper:

Apart from the health benefits listed above, Indian long pepper can be used for the other benefits it provides as well. It can help relieve chronic headache and toothache. It is a good remedy for cholera and epilepsy.

Long pepper can be used to lessen fever and hasten the recovery from a cold or cough. It eases indigestion and works well to treat diarrhoea. It can also benefit those who have asthma and bronchitis.

Long pepper is also used to cure coma sufferers. Indian long pepper can be used to improve skin quality and combat the signs of ageing on the skin. It can be used to stop strokes from happening. Additionally, it can be applied to treat stomach pain.


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