Raw Mango – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Raw Mango – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Mangoes, especially when they are still raw, are a much sought after summertime treat. Raw mango pickles are a staple in the Indian diet, and every home has a jar of them stashed away. Several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are found in them, making them beneficial to health. The strong and sour flavour of this fruit's crisp flesh complements other ingredients well. Sliced fresh, it goes well with salt and chile.



 What are raw mangoes?

Mangoes come in many forms, including the unripe varieties known as raw or green mangoes. Mangoes, both raw and ripe, are solid and, depending on the variety, either oval or bean-shaped. Green mangoes, which have yet to ripen, feature smaller seeds and firmer, crisper flesh. It has culinary and nutritional significance as a tropical fruit.



Health benefits of raw mangoes:

  1. Prevents dehydration: Drinking raw mango juice in the summer is more than just an exercise in gustatory pleasure; it also protects against intense heat and dehydration. By preventing the excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron, the drink mitigates the effects of extreme heat and keeps you from becoming dehydrated. In the warm weather, these minerals can easily be lost through sweat, leaving you dehydrated.



  1. Prevents gastrointestinal illnesses: Raw mango is also consumed for its effect against gastrointestinal illnesses, which tend to increase during the summers due to the increased heat. Morning sickness, constipation, diarrhoea, chronic dyspepsia, and indigestion are all conditions for which raw mangoes are recommended.


  1. Keeps heart healthy: This delicious fruit may also be great for your heart. Raw mangoes are good for your heart since they contain niacin. The cholesterol-lowering and heart disease-preventing effects of niacin are well-documented.


  1. Cures scurvy: Scurvy is characterised by bleeding gums,  bruises, weakness, and weariness; raw mango powder, or amchur, is said to be an effective cure for these symptoms. This is due to raw mango's high vitamin C content, a lack of which is responsible for the development of scurvy. Both the flexibility of blood arteries and the production of red blood cells benefit from this vitamin.


  1. Improves Liver and Intestinal Health: It is widely held that raw mangoes are beneficial to the liver and can even cure some liver conditions. By stimulating the release of bile in the stomach, chewing raw mango chunks improves fat absorption and eliminates dangerous microorganisms in the digestive tract. 

  1. Refreshes and Recharges you:  If you tend to feel sleepy in the afternoons after eating, try taking a little raw mango powder. The reason for this is that eating raw mango gives you a natural energy boost that will help you feel awake and give your best performance.


How to use raw mangoes?

  1. Cut into bite-sized pieces and season with your favourite toppings.
  2. Jams, jellies, and chutneys are all examples of preserved foods that can be made with these ingredients.
  3. Making Kairi Panna (Juice Made from Raw Mangoes)



Is it better to eat ripe or unripe mangoes?

The vitamin C content of mango is significantly higher in its unripe state than in its ripe state. Fruits' nutritional value extends far beyond the vitamins and minerals they contain. Unripe fruit can be a preferable choice in some instances due to the higher fibre content.



Popular recipes using raw mangoes:

Salad with Raw Mango and Corn

Fill your stomach with this wonderful salad. It's full of flavour, from the fresh corn to the ripe tomatoes to the chunks of pineapple and raw mango.


Mango Rasam

The raw mangoes' sourness complements the sweetness of the tomatoes and the bite of the ginger. Everyone will be pleased with the vibrant flavours.


"Aam Panna"

A refreshing beverage that can be enjoyed all summer long. Delicious and refreshing, Aam Panna is a great substitute for sugary sodas and processed juices. It's a desi smash that revives and refreshes at the same time.


Green Mango Chutney

This easy chutney uses the best of the season's produce to create a delicious condiment for your summertime meals. This chutney, made from raw or unripe mango, is tangy and spicy and is served as a condiment.


Kadhi Aamras

Enjoy the fresh flavour of mango while it's in season by cooking up this tasty curry. Aamras ki Kadhi is a quick, simple, and tangy curry dish that combines raw mango puree, buttermik, and besan with a variety of spices and chilies.


Precautions to take with raw mangoes:

If consumed in moderation, raw mango can be safely consumed. Nonetheless, standard safety measures should be taken before consuming raw mango. The vast majority of safety measures consist of:


  1. When eating raw mangoes, make sure you wash them well.
  2. Raw mangoes should be eaten before a main meal.
  3. If you want to avoid dysentery and stomach ache, limit your intake of raw mangoes.
  4. Several people develop itchy or sensitive skin after eating raw mangoes.


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