The Best Cast Iron Cookware in India of 2021

Cast Iron cookware can easily be a part of your cooking legacy or a treasured family heirloom, if you have the right knowledge to choose the right cookware.


A solid, naturally non-stick and completely toxin-free cast iron cookware  is one thing that every chef and every home-maker needs.  It’s indestructible (can’t virtually break; unless you ham it hard), is versatile (goes from stovetop to oven to serving table without a hitch) and is meant to last for ages (just a little care is needed for its long culinary journey). Therefore, you need to be wise, well-informed and prudent while choosing your cast iron cookware. Who knows the skillet you purchase today might land in the kitchen of your grandchild!


So, when you are purchasing cast iron cookware, the one thing that is mandatory to check is its seasoning. Because seasoning is the thing that makes it so good. When a cookware is exposed to high heat, long chains of fat molecules break down into short-chain polymers that bond with naturally produced carbon and bare iron, forming a kind of glaze. This is seasoning, and it has smooth, non-stick properties similar to Teflon, but without any harmful properties associated with Teflon.


Meyer has designed a range of cast iron cookware that are pre-seasoned to perfection using pure vegetable oil. These cast iron cookware have been aesthetically designed and built to last forever.  Here are some of the cast iron-cookware that will add rustic charm and amazing flavours to your food:


Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa, 24 Cm, Black

cast iron tawa

From daily staple to something special, cook everything here! The pan’s excellent thermal conductivity means that your food will cook proportionally and quickly. The flat surface of the tawa makes it perfect to prepare anything from Indian to continental. Pancake or paratha, roti or dosa, this is one tawa that fits all your cooking requirements.


Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Deep Skillet, 18 Cm, Black

cast iron skillet

A perfect pot to stew, simmer or broth! This deep pot with two pouring spouts is a handy addition to your kitchen. Ideal for slow cooking, this cookware is ideal for boiling vegetables like potato and lentils and also hard-boiling eggs and much more.


Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet, 24cm, Black

cast iron skillet

A cast iron skillet is a must-have for any kitchen! Whether you are sautéing or deep frying, whether you are making creamy pasta or Indian curry, this skillet with two loop shaped handles is perfect to cook, toss and lift. The skillet comes with two pouring spouts, which makes your cooking so much easier and mess-free!


Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai 26cm With Glass Lid 

cast iron kadai

A round-bottomed vessel with a transparent lid, this kadai is perfect to stir fry, deep fry, sear, braise, make curries and gravies. This kadai, with two loop-shaped handles, is easy to hold and toss food without the fear of spilling it all over.


Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven/Sauteuse With Glass Lid, 20cm

cast iron casserole

It can’t get better than this! A casserole in the cast iron material is just what you need to enjoy the art of cooking. With its design, depth and construction, this cookware offers a miraculous solution for all your cooking requirements.

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