Best Pans That Professional Chefs Use In India

If you have ever watched that show where Gordon Ramsay is usually shouting at the contestants in his restaurant’s kitchen, then you cannot miss the shiny, sleek bevvy of stainless-steel cookware scattered around. There is a reason why professional chefs cook exclusively with stainless steel. These good-looking utensils are known to distribute heat evenly, are also virtually indestructible, won’t leech into food and cooks great without worry of food sticking to the pan.

Usually, chefs use an array of stainless-steel cookware and we will provide you with a list of utensils that they use the most.


Frying Pans

Featuring rounded edges and a flat bottom, frying pans are used mainly to fry, sear or pan roast.

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Saute Pans

The saute pans are not as shallow as frypans and have deeper edges, perfect to saute veggies or tender cuts of meats.

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One of the most versatile pan and a real staple in the commercial kitchen, this pan is used to cook the sauce, soup, boil eggs, veggies, or pasta.

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Are stainless steel pans non-stick?

Well yes, they are, if you use and season it right. The right temperature is the name of the game. A professional chef will tell you to never use your stainless-steel pan without preheating it first. Once your pan is hot enough only then add oil and then start cooking.

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