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Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich

This is undoubtedly the easiest meal you're ever going to make! A sandwich that's fresh, juicy, tangy, meaty and crispy- all in one. A sandwich is a wholesome meal and if you are in the mood to try one, this sandwich is it.


What is a Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich?

The initials of the sandwich's main components, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, give it the name "BLT." Depending on the cook's preferences, different recipes can be used to prepare it. Simple variations include using various lettuce varieties, toasting the sandwich or not, and adding mayonnaise. The substitution of tofu or turkey bacon for the regular bacon, or the elimination of the lettuce entirely, are more pronounced alternatives.


How to make Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich

  1. Start by making the spread for your sandwich, for which, mince some garlic cloves with jalapeno slices and add them to a bowl of hung curd. Season the curd with salt and pepper, squeeze in lemon juice and mix everything together.  
  2. To cook the bacon, lay all the bacon strips in a cold pan and put it on medium low heat. This cooks the bacon by rendering the flat slowly. Let them cook by themselves until they are nicely crisp. 
  3. While the bacon is crisping up, slice a tomato into even slices and set aside. Finely shred an iceberg lettuce leaf and set it aside too.   
  4. Once the bacon is cooked and crispy, take it out on a plate with tissue paper on it. In the same pan, lightly toast 2 slices of bread on both sides. 
  5. Layer the sandwich with a generous spread of the jalapeno tzatziki dip, layer 3-4 slices of tomato on it, season the tomatoes with sea salt, add in the shredded lettuce, place the bacon strips over it. Spread the dip on the other slice as well and top it over the prepared sandwich.   
  6. Slice and enjoy.   

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Expert Tips

  1. If the hung curd isn't thick enough the dip will be watery.
  2. Chop the garlic and jalapenos finely so that the dip is smooth.
  3. Make sure to salt the tomatoes after layering or the sandwich will taste bland.


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