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Corn Ribs

Ever wanted to try a trendy recipe yourself but the complicated process deter you! Well, these corn ribs are your chance to do so. Buttery and delicious roast corn ribs are now made easy by transforming them into finger food portions. Topped with grated cheese and spicy mayonnaise, these ribs work as a great snack for any occasion.


What are Corn Ribs? 

Corn ribs are a regular cobb of corn, sliced into quarters, dressed with a compound or plain butter and baked or air fried. The cooking process shrinks the corn and gives the corn a slight bend which makes them look similar to the shape of a roasted meat rib. It's usually topped with some parmesan cheese and spicy mayonnaise. It's a common side dish along with smoked meats that are served at several BBQ joints.


Quick and Easy Corn Ribs 

Have a dinner party to throw, but can't figure out the perfect veg snack? Well the corn ribs have got you covered. These easy to make items are a perfect finger food that taste out of this world and can be prepared in bulk. 



How to make Corn Ribs

  1. First start by microwaving the whole corn cobs for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Peel the cobs, divide them in half, slice the half in the middle and then slice the other half as well.   
  2. Repeat with the rest of the cobs and set them aside. In a stainless steel Tasla add softened butter, mince some garlic cloves and add it to the butter. Season it with salt and pepper, along with some paprika and add some basil.  
  3. Add some grated parmesan to the butter and incorporate them into a cohesive mass. Place the sliced ribs on a nonstick cookie tray, brush them generously with the flavoured butter and bake them into a preheated 200 degree celsius oven for 15 minutes.  
  4. While the corn is baking, prepare the dip by adding spoonfuls of mayonnaise into a small tasla, add sriracha hot sauce to it and mix them together to form a chilli mayonnaise.
  5. Once the corn ribs are baked, transfer them to a shallow bowl or a plate; top them off with a generous sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese with some chopped coriander and paprika powder.  

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Expert Tips

  1. Microwaving helps to make the corn soft and makes peeling the corn easier.
  2. Make sure the butter is softened before using it.
  3. The oven should be preheated before use or the butter would melt off in the warm temperature.


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