Hot Chocolate Recipe

Nothing can beat the warm hug of a hot chocolate when you're sitting and relaxing comfortably at your home. This recipe takes no more than 5 minutes to prepare, so quickly get out of bed and fix yourself a glass of hot chocolate with this simple and quick recipe.


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  1. What is Hot Chocolate?
  2. Quick and Easy Hot Chocolate
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What is Hot Chocolate ?

​​Hot Chocolate, also known as hot cocoa or drinking chocolate, is a hot beverage that has milk and melted chocolate as the two main ingredients. Hot chocolate became popular in the Europe and Mexico regions during the 19th century and has had several variations since then. Before the 19th century, hot chocolate was used to treat many medical ailments like stomach diseases and liver problems. Today, hot chocolate is available in different consistencies across countries, like thin in the USA and thick in Italy and Mexico.


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    Quick and Easy Hot Chocolate

    You can’t say no to a huge cup of chocolatey milk topped with a generous serving of whipped cream and marshmallows. Hot chocolate is a fully packed recipe that solves the purpose of a hot beverage while being a full dessert in itself. With a recipe this short and simple, anyone can make hot chocolate at home with ease. 


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      How to make Hot Chocolate ?

      1) In a Meyer Stainless Steel Milk Pan, add your milk and chopped up chocolate. Following this, sprinkle some brown sugar and salt to the pan as well.

      Hot Chocolate

      2) Whisk them all together until they are completely dissolved and the milk starts to boil.
      Hot Chocolate

      3) Pour the hot chocolate into a large mug and top it with some whipped cream and marshmallows. Optionally sprinkle some coloured sprinkles over it.
      Hot Chocolate


      Expert Tips

      1. Make sure to chop up the chocolate for better mixing.
      2. Keep on stirring the mixture to avoid burning from the bottom.
      3. You can also add a tsp of cornflour at the beginning, to make a thicker hot chocolate.

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