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Sarson Ka Saag

Who wouldn't love to gorge on some spicy and flavourful sarson ka saag in this amazing monsoon weather? We have just the recipe for you, which might take longer than your usual food but would be totally worth it. This sarson ka saag would make your Punjabi taste buds drool with excitement once it starts cooking.


Table of Content

  1. What is Sarson ka Saag?
  2. Quick and Easy Sarson ka Saag
  3. How to make Sarson ka Saag? 
  4. Expert Tips 
  5. Recipe Card  


What is Sarson ka Saag ?

Hara saag is a dish that originated in Punjab and is regarded as one of the classic North Indian dishes. The name sarson ka saag literally means a leafy vegetable preparation of Mustard Green Leaves. This is generally prepared as a celebratory dish in Punjab after every fruitful farming season. Sarson ka saag is best accompanied with some freshly made makki ki roti or bajre ki roti. It is also eaten with a whole wheat roti.


Quick and Easy Sarson ka saag

Sarson ka saag though being a long recipe, should definitely be given a go as it is totally worth all the efforts. It's a classic dish that is loved by almost everyone. This recipe simplifies the whole procedure and also has a lot of wiggle room to make some changes, so it's something that one should try for sure. 


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    How to make Sarson ka Saag ?

    1) Fill a large Meyer Stainless Steel  pan with water. To the water add the chopped up sarson leaves, followed by methi, bathua and palak leaves.

    Sarson ka Saag

    2) To all the mixed leaves, add the whole green chillies and chopped ginger. Cook this on low heat while constantly mashing the leaves and chillies using a wooden spatula.
    sarso Ka Saag

    3) After two hours, once the saag is cooked and mashed completely, sprinkle some makki ka atta into it and give it a stir to incorporate into the saag.
    sarso Ka Saag

    4) In a separate pan, add ghee and let it melt on medium heat. To the ghee add chopped green chilli, ginger, garlic and onions. Saute them in the pan till the onions become soft and brown up a little.
    sarso Ka Saag

    5) Add the mashed saag into the sauteed masala and mix it into a cohesive mixture. Turn off the heat, cover it and set it aside while you prepare your tadka.
    sarso Ka Saag

    6) For the tadka, in a small pan add some ghee, chopped garlic, dried red chillies and some red chilli powder. Toss everything together and mix.
    sarso Ka Saag

    7) Serve the sarson ka saag hot in a bowl, top it with a knob of white butter and pour over your prepared tadka. Eat it with some freshly made makki ki roti.
    sarso Ka Saag


    Expert Tips

    1. Do not try to cook the leaves quickly by increasing the heat, it will burn them.
    2. Make sure to mash the leaves thoroughly to avoid big chunks of green chilli while eating.
    3. The makki ka atta in this recipe is for thickening the consistency, add it accordingly.

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