Sindhi Aloo Tuk

This Sindhi Aloo Tuk by Chef Kanak Kathuria is definitely a must-try Sindhi special recipe. It is sure to be a hit amongst family and friends! Enjoy Sindhi Aloo Tuk today for an unforgettable Sindhi experience!



What is Sindhi Aloo Tuk? 

The Sindhi Aloo Tuk is a traditional Sindhi recipe which has been popularized by Chef Kanak Kathuria. This hearty dish is an amalgamation of potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and spices. The combination of these ingredients creates a flavourful curry that pairs perfectly with steamed rice or roti. Sindhi Aloo Tuk is a popular Sindhi special recipe that can be enjoyed by all. It is an ideal comfort food for cold winter days or when you are missing your Sindhi home-cooked cuisine. Preparing Sindhi Aloo Tuk can be as easy as following Chef Kanak Kathuria's simple steps and you will have a delicious Sindhi delight on your plate in no time. Sindhi Aloo Tuk is not only a special Sindhi recipe, but it is also a sure-fire hit amongst family and friends. Enjoy Sindhi aloo tuk anytime you want to bring Sindhi flavour into your kitchen!


Special Sindhi Aloo Tuk by chef Kanak Kathuria 

Sindhi Aloo Tuk is a traditional Sindhi special recipe made with potatoes and curry leaves. This dish is cooked in a variety of styles, depending on the region or personal preference. The most well-known version is by renowned chef Kanak Kathuria, who adds her own twist to this timeless creation. Her version has become so popular that it has even made its way to the menus of many restaurants in India.

Sindhi Aloo Tuk is typically served as a side dish and can be enjoyed with roti, naan or rice. To prepare this dish, potatoes are boiled until soft and then mashed by adding spices to make a paste-like consistency. The paste is then fried in oil until it becomes crisp. Curry leaves and other spices are added to the mix before it’s served up as a savory aloo tuk experience!

Sindhi Aloo Tuk can also be enjoyed as a snack on its own, being eaten straight from the pan or even cold. For those who prefer a milder flavor, the dish can be made without the addition of spices. This makes it a versatile and delicious way to enjoy potatoes!

So, if you’re looking for a tasty and traditional Sindhi snack or side dish, give this recipe a try by following chef Kanak Kathuria's unique take on Sindhi Aloo Tuk. You won't be disappointed!


About Sindhi Cuisine 

Sindhi cuisine is an incredible array of flavors and textures, from elaborate curries to simple snacks. An essential part of Sindhi culture, special recipes are prepared for holidays and family gatherings that showcase the unique ingredients found in Sindhi cooking. Whether you're looking for a mouthwatering main course or a delicious dessert, Sindhi recipes offer something for everyone. Popular Sindhi special recipes include Sindhi biryani, sariyoon (a type of dumpling), sindhian sutarapata (crispy crepes) and Sindhi koki (flatbread). Many traditional Sindhi dishes are slow-cooked over charcoal, giving them a unique flavor and texture. No Sindhi gathering is complete without sindhi kadi (sour yogurt curry), seyal machi (fish in green chili sauce) or sindhi tarkari (mixed vegetable stew). No matter what sindhi special recipe you choose, you can be sure it will be delicious. With Sindhi cooking, one thing is certain: your taste buds won't be disappointed. The Sindhi cuisine has something special to offer everyone. So, if you're looking for a unique and flavorful experience, Sindhi recipes are the perfect choice. Enjoy!

How to make Sindhi Aloo Tuk

  1. Peal 8-10 medium potatoes and keep them in  a large bowl. Cut the potatoes into evenly sized halves or thirds. Wash and clean the potatoes, dry them thoroughly for convenient frying.
  2. In a Circulon non-stick kadai, fry the potatoes in hot oil on medium-low heat. Sprinkle some salt into the potatoes and let them fry for 7-8 minutes or till they cook completely from the inside.  
  3. Drain the potatoes from the hot oil and let them cool in a flat bowl. Once cooled, using a small bowl or a flat bottom glass, press the potatoes lightly so that they form into a flat cutlet.  
  4. Heat the same oil on high and add the smashed potato cutlets into the hot oil for flash frying for 3-4 minutes to get them nicely crisp from the outside. While they are frying, you can quickly fry your green chillies with a little salt on them.  
  5. Mix all the dry spice powders with some salt. In a non-stick stirfry kadai, add some vegetable oil with half of the masala and mix it together. Add the fried aloo tuk into the masala and toss it to coat evenly.   
  6. Add the remaining masala on the top and mix it as well, serve them hot while they are crispy.  


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Expert Tips

  1. While you are peeling all your potatoes, keep the peeled ones submerged in water to prevent browning.
  2. Make sure that all the potatoes are evenly sized so that they cook evenly.
  3. During the second frying do not move the potatoes a lot as they are delicate and can break.

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