Fresh Fruit Recipes

The weekend is here with its characteristic dose of relaxation and revelries. It’s time to catch up with your friends and let the frustration away with free-flowing chats and delicious hors-d'oeuvres. While you can take care of the chats, we are here to help you with the savouries. Celebrity chef Varun Arora has conjured up glass-full of happiness and yummy delights in the form of his very-simple-to-prepare and delicious-to-savour glass-based drink-cum-food dishes. Just perfect for the millennials who want to mix it up all!

Here are the dishes for you to replicate:

1. Vegan Layered Tapioca Trifle


Packed with fruits, cream, jam and honey, this wonder in a glass is perfect to kickstart your weekend on a sweet note! What more, this simple recipe can be rustled up in just under 30 minutes.
Get the recipe here - here

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