5 Must-Try Cake Recipes

Nothing shows off your happiness better than a well-baked homemade cake. These cake recipes will surely help you make teatime or special celebrations extremely special. See your child’s eyes glow with happiness when you bake him one of these darlings for his birthday, graduation or some other special occasion.

These cake recipes are easy to create yet look extremely gourmet with ingredients easily available in your pantry.

Wear your baker’s cap and get ready to make these sweet-smelling treats.


Eggless Coffee Cake Recipe

Once in a while, there’s a cake recipe that absolutely impresses all palates! Egg-less, coffee enriched, this delicious treat is a certain winner!

Check out the full recipe here

Rose And Fruit Cake Recipe

A cake recipe that is a great substitute for people looking for a non-chocolate kind of recipe, made with rose syrup and fresh fruits.

Check out the full recipe here

Strawberry And Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

It is a simple dessert cake recipe made with strawberries, cheese, and chocolate. This easily layered dessert lasagna is the perfect summer potluck recipe! 

Check out the full recipe here

Red Velvet Cupcakes Recipe

In the cupcake universe, everyone needs a good red velvet cupcake. I guarantee that someone you know loves red velvet. Sure, you can use a cake mix for their birthday, or spend an arm and a leg at a cupcake shop, but when you can make a dozen easy red velvet cupcakes from scratch with this cake recipe in under an hour at your home, why not try it?

Check out the full recipe here

Eggless Banana Loaf Recipe

Here’s a new version of your all-time favourite banana bread in this cake recipe that will surely hit all the right notes of your taste buds.

Check out the full recipe here

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