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Best Basil-Based Recipes for the Season

It is a herb known for its immense health benefits all over the world; it’s a herb that is sacred in all Hindu homes; it is a herb that wonderfully accentuates the flavour of your recipes! Yes, the versatile basil or our beloved Tulsi is a miraculous, multifaceted and multidimensional herb that is loaded with many layers. And today, we bring to you the multiple ways through which you can use this mini wonder to maximise and enhance food flavour!

Here are some easy to cook and delectable to savour recipes made using basils so that you can embrace the healing and healthful properties of this oldest herb known to mankind.

1. Yellow Thai Curry Paneer Tikka

The perfect zest of different spices and the incredibly wholesome addition of basils make this dish truly delightful! Extremely easy to prepare, this tikka can give a stiff competition to your favourite restaurant-made/bought tikkas and grills!

Yellow Thai Curry Paneer Tikka

Get the recipe here:

2. Burnt Garlic And Pumpkin Vegan Spaghetti

Why worry when there’s spaghetti? And when the spaghetti also features basil as a flavour enhancer, the recipe becomes all the more incredible, isn’t it?

A delicacy that will be slurped and savoured by young and old alike with equal gusto, satisfaction and appreciation!

Burnt Garlic And Pumpkin Vegan Spaghetti

Get the recipe here: 

3. Green Peas And Basil Idli

What does it take to make your regular idli extra special and nutritious? A handful of basils! Here’s another nutritious and never tried before rendition of the ubiquitously loved idlis!

So, go ahead and pluck a handful of basils and rustle up this wonderful breakfast option for your loved ones!

Green Peas And Basil Idli

Get the recipe here:


4. Lentil And Spinach Pasta

There’s everything going right for this green and gourmet pasta recipe. A sure crowd-pleaser, this treat soars in health benefits and scores high in taste too.

Give this wholesome treat a try and find yourself preparing it every day!

Lentil And Spinach Pasta

Get the recipe here: h

5. Tofu Steak With Salsa Verde

Five minutes is all it takes to cook this heart-healthy & lip-smacking treat! Replete with the goodness of spinach and basils, this is a comforting meal that you can cook and eat any time of the day!

Tofu Steak With Salsa Verde

Get the recipe here:

6. Homemade Thai Curry Noodle Bowl

A bowl of brilliance! This curation is nothing sort of extraordinary; savour it to chow down your worry! Perfect for special occasions as well as to make any occasion special, this noodle will surely entice your palate with an assortment of flavours!

Homemade Thai Curry Noodle Bowl

Get the recipe here:

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