Easy And Innovative Breakfast Recipes

My kid doesn’t eat this,” is a complain that every mother repetitively utters. It’s a tedious task to tackle a picky eater! Waking up with the sun, sleep-walking to the kitchen, painstakingly pondering about breakfast ideas, diligently preparing the dishes, lovingly serving them and then witnessing the smirks on your kiddos’ faces, pleading them to polish off the plate, warning, threatening and sometime even losing one’s calm, but eventually grudgingly tossing the significant remains of the food into the dustbin! The struggle is true and real.

Our millennial Chef, Varun Arora, who understands the reluctance of kids well, has conjured up delicious breakfast recipes for kids that will surely full every mother’s desire and fill every kid’s tummy.

Prepare these supremely easy, nutritious and delicious breakfast dishes and see your kids happily finishing everything!

1. Potato Pancake

potato pancake recipe

Now, here’s a combination that no one can resist. Potato and Pancake is equal to yumminess. Right? Try this dish and watch your kid devour his plate with utter delight. Get this recipe here

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