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Cast iron cookware for Indian Curries

Cast iron cookware  for Indian Curries
Cast iron cookware is made to make Indian cuisine magical!

Its name symbolizes strength, durability and trust! Cast iron cookware has hogged prime position in Indian kitchens since time immemorial. Agreed, cast iron cookware had lost its sheen for some time (when non-stick cookware invaded the market and cooks’ imagination)! But now, it is back with a bang. And why not! Afterall, it has every property that complements Indian cooking. In fact, cast iron cookware is made for Indian cooking.




Of Trend and Tradition :


​​Cast Iron cookware has been a part of our legacy! Almost every household in India has a (t)rusty cast iron cookware that has been passed from one generation to another. Though the world is slowly awakening to its plenty of benefits, Indian cooks were already aware of them, therefore, were capaciously using this trusted cookware for their daily cooking. In fact, the cookware’s ability to withstand high heat was one of its most alluring factors for our ancestors as they often used the cookware on open flame (also called as challah). 



Popular Indian Curries:


​​India is known for many things, its cuisine being one of them. And trust the country to showcase its diversity in its cuisine too. Indian cuisine is as diverse and unique as its culture. Some of the most popular Indian dishes are: 

1. Aloo Gobi: Golden fried cauliflower florets and potatoes


2. Butter chicken: Rich and cream chicken recipe


3. Samosa: Deep fried pastry with savory filling


4. Biryani: A lavish rice preparation with various spices


5. Kadai Paneer: A spicy paneer preparation


6. Dosas: Thin battered and crispy dish that is similar to crepe


7. Tikka:Grilled pieces of meat or vegetable marinated in spicy mixture


And many more. And all of these can be cooked seamlessly in a cast iron cookware.



Cast Iron cookware for Indian Cooking:


​​ So, the question is why a cast iron cookware is suited for Indian cooking. The answer primarily lies in its excellent heating. Cast iron has great retention, therefore, is perfect for deep frying, caramelizing onions, searing and browning foods, braising meat, slow cooking gravies and frying- and Indian cooking is defined by all of this only. Cast iron cookware are really great for simmering, which is an essential part of Indian cuisine. Thus, a high-quality cast iron cookware meets all the requirements of Indian cooking and therefore is an essential part of every Indian kitchen. 



Must-have cast iron cookware for Indian meals:


​​ If you are building a cast iron cookware set or want to include every essential cast iron cookware in your kitchen, then these are your must-have cast iron pots and pans: 

Tawa Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa, 28 Cm, Black
Skillet Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet With 2 Side Handles 24cm, Black
Grill pan Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan And Glass Grill Press Set
Fry pan Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 22cm Frypan/Skillet
Kadai Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai 26cm With Glass Lid





​​ Q: Meyer cast iron cookware is pre-seasoned. Does this mean I never need to season it? 

A: No, this means that it saves you from the hassle of initial seasoning. However, you need to season it regularly if you want its surface to mimic a non-stick cookware surface.

​​ Q: Can I cook anything in cast iron cookware? 

A: No. You should avoid acidic food.

​​ Q: Does its handle heat up? 

A:A: Yes, it does. Therefore, you need to cover the handle with a shield or use mitts while holding the handle.

​​ Q: Can you restore rusted cast iron? 

A: Yes, with basic cleaning and seasoning, you can remove the rust and make it as good as new.

​​ Q: Can cast iron cookware last forever? 

A: Yes. If you use it well.



Explore Meyer Cast Iron Range here 


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