Cast Iron Skillet trusted and recommended by professional chefs

Cast Iron Skillet trusted and recommended by professional chefs
Trust the opinions of professional chefs and bring home the most trusted cast iron skillet


Forever is a promise that not everyone makes, perhaps sans a few people and the incredible cookware, we called cast iron skillets. The best cast iron skillet will be there for you- in all your cooking adventures- for a lifetime. The very versatile cast iron skillet helps you in every cooking chore- whether you want to fry veggies and meats on a stovetop, bake in an oven, or roast whole chickens—this is your go-to cookware that will last for generations. These heavy duty cookware are the kitchen workhorses that are ready for any type of cooking duty.


Table of Content

  1. What is a Skillet?
  2. Cast Iron Skillet VS other Skillets:
  3. Trusted Workhorse:
  4. Top 3 Skillets in India loved by professionals:



1. What is a Skillet?


A Skillet denotes any type of flat- bottomed frying pan with sloped or curved outward. A skillet has gained reputation as a do-it-all pot that is used for a variety of cooking methods such as simmering, baking, roasting, frying, sauteing and so on.



2. Cast iron skillet VS other skillets:


A cast iron skillet is one of the oldest and the most trusty cooking utensils. The cast iron skillet holds advantage over other skillets as its sturdy bottom can hold up temperature for longer, making it perfect for searing, frying, roasting and baking. Unlike other cookware materials, cast iron skillet can really last for long as it is virtually indestructible. The cast iron skillet will neither bend nor will lose its functionality over time. You can expose a cast iron skillet to any kind of heat and it will not wrap and cook you wonderful meals.


3. Trusted Workhorse:


A Skillet can be your most trusted and the hardest working cooking utensil that you can depend on for every meal. However, there are many cast iron skillets in the market that might confuse a user. Therefore, we asked professional chefs to shed light on some high-quality cast iron skillets that they personally favour:


1. All these cookware are super sturdy and will last for ages
2. These skillets can be used in the stove, oven, induction and even open fire.
3. After regular seasoning, you can cook in these skillets with very little oil.
4. These skillets have an exceptional heat retention quality. The consistent heat amplifies the flavour.
5. The handles are well-designed with enough space to use a shield or towel while holding.
6. They are pre-seasoned to eliminate the initial hassle of seasoning.



4. Top 3 skillets in India loved by professionals:



1. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 22cm Frypan/Skillet


Skillet 22 cm


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This is a skillet that will last you forever. Whether you want to braise and bake, or fry and sear, this cast iron skillet will do it all for you. It has an elongated handle and two pouring mouths to make the process of cooking and draining easy. It is available in different sizes.




2. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet With 2 Side Handles 24cm, Black


A wonderful addition to your kitchen, this premium cast iron skillet will help you cook fabulous fare. The skillet has two side handles for comfortable holding and handling. It also has two pouring mouths for mess-free spilling.



Cast Iron Skillet  


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 3. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 26cm Frypan/Skillet


Cast Iron Skillet Fry Pan 

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A skillet designed for complete comfort with an elongated handle and a side handle! It also has two pouring spots that enhance its ease of use. This skillet is available in different sizes, each catering to your different requirements.




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