Easy Recipes With Maida

Maida is usually something reserved for restaurants and store-bought food but here we have for you the coolest collection of recipes with maida for your own personal kitchen.

This collection of recipes with maida are versatile and all of them will make for the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack meal. Get ready to inspire your inner culinary genius to cook up a storm.


Strawberry And Tender Coconut Danish Pastry Recipe Using Maida

Freshly baked pastries are a winter classic and the best out of the lot are Danish pastries with a crispy flaky crust and a fruit and custard filling. This particular recipe with maida is made of strawberry jam and tender coconut flesh. Perfect to taking Sunday brunches to another level!

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Hand-Pulled Sesame Braised Noodles Recipe Using Maida

Handmade noodles are the best and nothing compares to the taste and texture that comes with something you have crafted with your own hands. This recipe with maida with its rough edges and the inconsistencies add to the rustic feel of the dish. Try making this with your partner as a bonding exercise and you are sure to have loads of fun!

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Pull-Apart Cheesy Garlic Bread Recipe Using Maida

A bread recipe with maida that is not only extraordinarily tasty but also easy to share as there is no need to cut the bread into slices.

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Yorkshire Pudding Recipe Using Maida

A British classic fit for light snacking with sweet or savoury fillings like jam or meat. The best thing is that this recipe with maida does not take a lot of time to make.

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Scallion Pancake Recipe Using Maida

If you love parantha then this recipe with maida is for you. A classic Chinese street food similar to the Indian parantha; a must try for anyone who wants a twist to the desi version!

Check out the full recipe here

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