Healthy Sandwiches For Kids

If you are wondering why someone needs a multitude of yummy recipes of the sandwich then think again – they are delicious, extremely easy to cook and prove to be your real friends when you are really hungry and your ingredient quota is on the low side.

With our delightful and yummy collection of recipes of sandwich, you can make it as simple as you want or can get really gourmet and spruce it up with the most exotic ingredients in your pantry.

Get ready, wear your chef’s hat and turn your kitchen in sandwich heaven.

No Bread Egg Sandwich Recipe

A quirky little snack idea of a carb-free meal, this recipe for sandwich fit for people who have a gluten allergy or are just simply avoiding extra carbs like bread.

Check out the full recipe here

Banana Maple French Toast Recipe

A sweet fruity twist to the global breakfast recipe of sandwich - scented with cinnamon sugar for the sweet tooth satisfaction.

Check out the full recipe here

Cinnamon Fruit Rollups Recipe

A cinnamon-scented fruity breakfast dish, this recipe of the sandwich is loaded with the nutrients and freshness of seasonal fruits and a sweet glaze.

Check out the full recipe here

Lentils And Spinach Rollups Recipe

A healthy twist to the childhood favourite with the goodness of spinach and lentils and the fun of oozy cheese, this recipe of the sandwich is perfect for a fun lunchtime.

Check out the full recipe here

Mumbai Masala Toast Sandwich Recipe

The age-old combination of spicy boiled potato mixture and bread gets a cheesy new twist in this recipe of sandwich, rendering your snack time a fresh new avatar.

Check out the full recipe here

Apple Pie Pockets Recipe

The classic apple pie in a way to make it more practical and easier to consume. The syrupy apple stuffing with the crispy bread makes this recipe of sandwich the perfect breakfast treat.

Check out the full recipe here

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