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We are back with another crowd favourite recipe, a sweet and crispy rose jalebi that tastes amazing and looks so beautiful. Everyone loves jalebi and once you start eating you can't stop, that's how good the recipe is.


Table of Content

  1. What is Jalebi ?
  2. Quick and Easy Jalebi
  3. How to make Jalebi ?
  4. Expert Tips  
  5. Recipe Card  


What is Jalebi?

Jalebi is a famous Sweet Dish in India. It is a popular street treat that has also been escalated to some fine dine restaurants. It's essentially a flour dough fried in ghee and then soaked into a thick sugar syrup with some saffron. Some people like their jalebi thin and crisp, while some prefer it thick and syrupy. You can make yours any way you like, by just pouring the right amount of batter.


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      Quick and Easy Jalebi

      A jalebi is a popular sweet and crispy Indian dessert that we've savoured countless times but have seldom tried to make at home. Well, we've got you covered, because this recipe here is the perfect reason for you to try and make jalebi at your home by yourself and all for yourself (and perhaps for your loved ones, too). 


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        How to make Jalebi ?

        1) To make the jalebi batter, add flour to a large bowl, with yoghurt and vinegar, and whisk the mixture to the right consistency with water as required. Add baking soda right at the end.
        Make Batter for Jalebi

        2) While the mixture rests for 15 minutes, in a stainless steel Chef’s pan prepare your chashni by adding granulated sugar and water. Let the mixture come to a boil as the sugar dissolves.
        Prepare Chasni

        3) Once the sugar is dissolved, add a generous pinch of saffron to the chashni and stir it in. Check the consistency of the chashni by stretching it between your finger tips, it should form 1 thin string of sugar once pulled.
        Making of Jalebi

        4) In a separate stainless steel sauteuse, heat your desi ghee for frying the jalebi. Once the ghee is hot, on medium low heat, add your jalebi batter with a squeeze bottle in spirals to form the jalebi.
        Fry Jalebi in Desi Ghee

        5) Fry the jalebi for 2-3 minutes, flipping once. Take the jalebi out once nice and crispy. Transfer the jalebi directly into the chashni that is being heated. Let the jalebi soak in there for 30-40 seconds.

        6) Once the jalebi is soaked in sugar, take it out and serve it hot. Optionally garnish it with some crushed pistachio.
        Kesar Jalebi


        Expert Tips

        1) Add the baking soda just before frying the jalebi for best results.

        2) Saffron brings in the colour of the jalebi, so do not avoid it.

        3) Make sure to add the jalebi in the chashni directly otherwise it won’t soak the syrup properly.

        Recipe Card


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