Kada Prasad (Atte ka Halwa)

Kada prasad was one of the major reasons I have always loved to go to a Gurdwara. The sweet and delicious halwa drenched in desi ghee is something that everyone loves. Well on the occasion of Gurupurab, I bring you the recipe of home-made kada prasad, which tastes just like the one available at a Gurudwara.

What is Kada Prasad?

If you ever visit a Gurudwara, you are offered grace, which is typically in the form of an atte ka halwa. This halwa is known as kada prasad, the reason being it is a prasad, made in a kadai by roasting the atta continuously using a long metal spatula. 

Quick and Easy Kada Prasad 

This is not only one of the simplest dessert recipes to make, but a really easy recipe overall. It just has 4 ingredients and all of them are used in equal quantities. 


How to make Kada Prasad 

  1. Start by making a quick chashni in a stainless steel milk pan by just simply heating the water and dissolving the sugar into it. Once dissolved, set it aside. 
  2. In a cast iron kadai, add desi ghee and heat it on low heat. To the ghee add whole wheat flour and incorporate them together. Keep on roasting the ghee and atta mixture on medium low heat till the raw atta smell is gone and the atta is dark brown in colour.  
  3. Once the halwa is fully roasted, turn off the heat and pour in the sugar syrup being cautious of the spattering ghee.  
  4. After pouring in the syrup, keep on stirring continuously till it's completely dissolved. Heat more if there is excess water present and once thick and fluffy, serve it hot in a bowl, topped with some chopped pistachio.  

Expert Tips

  1. It is advised to dissolve water and sugar beforehand to avoid sugar crystals. 
  2. Always roast the atta on medium to low heat, while stirring continuously to avoid burning and lumps.
  3. While adding the water to the atta and ghee mix, turn the heat off and keep far away as it can spatter and burn.

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