Lamb Seekh Kebab

Super soft and juicy seekh kebabs made the traditional way but without the tandoor in your kitchen on this amazing cast iron grill pan.

Seekh kebabs are an exotic appetizer made from juicy lamb or goat meat. It is a top of the chart kebab dish for many meat lovers. It’s essential to have perfect blend of seasoning and masala with right amount of fat percentage in kebab of this kind. Lamb has a significant taste so to balance it out ginger and garlic plays an important role. Eggs, breadcrumbs, besan or cornstarch is used to bind the kebab so doesn’t fall apart while cooking.  


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A super delicious and a classic Indian appetizer, which is not only popular as street food but a showstopper of a dish on the menu of many famous restaurant and a must have starter at any party. Well marinated grounded meat, stuck around a skewer using a special technique has been there as part of our culture for ages. Cylindrical in shape, cooked on the grill, barbeque of traditional “sigdi” that can be smelled for far, calling you to relish this old delicacy. Packed with flavor and juicy tender meat is for all ages. Served with Raita, Dips, Chutney eaten with Paratha, Rumali or even better just like that. Don’t wait to tempt your loved ones with this incredible recipe.

Learn the skill of skewering a grounded meat

Cooking is an art, we all agree, right?
And giving impeccable cylindrical shape to spiced grounded meat on a skewer that does not fall apart is a skill that most of the kebab lovers want to perfect.
Trust me. It can be learned very easily and yes it goes without saying that you need to practice. New to you?

Some steps to help you!

  1. Wet your hands before you take minced meat in your hands.
  2. Make meat balls not more than a size of a pool ball or just a little more than a regular poori dough.
  3. Now, key is to keep the meat ball in one hand and press the skewer gently on the meat and start squeezing the meat with your palm.
  4. Keep squeezing the meat and roll it around (downwards) till meat is completely wrapped around the skewer.
  5. There you have a cylindrical shaped kebab ready to be put over the grill, barbeque or inside the tandoor.

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How to make Lamb Seekh Kebab?

1) Take the lamb mince in a big mixing bowl and in case you have washed it make sure you drain in properly; it should be properly dried.

To the mincemeat add chopped ginger, garlic, finely chopped coriander, grated cheese, egg, red chilli powder, garam masala, chopped green chilli and salt. Make sure all the chopping is done as fine as possible.

Lamb Seekh Kebab

2) Mix it all properly and keep it in the fridge for at least 2 hours, overnight preferably.
Lamb Seekh Kebab

3) To make the kebabs, wet your hands thoroughly as the mince would stick to the hands if they were dry.
Lamb Seekh Kebab

4) Make a log shape like that of a seekh kebab and keep them aside.
Lamb Seekh Kebab

5) In case you want the traditional kebab shape with the skewer, you can use a chopstick and put the mince around that to get that typical hole in the center.

6) Cook the kebabs in a grill pan at high temperature and add in a small block of butter to the pan, or brush melted butter on the kebabs, this would help keep the kebabs, juicy and moist. .

7) The kebabs will only take 2-3 minutes on each side to cook perfectly, if they are on the skewer, and 3-4 minutes, if without the skewer.

8) The seekh kebabs should never be overcooked, they just be just done, super juicy, and should easily fall apart upon touching.

9) Serve the seekh kebabs with roomali roti, spiced onion rings, lemon wedges and a generous sprinkle of chaat masala. Have them on their own or in a wrap.
Lamb Seekh Kebab

Expert Tips

1) Drain out water or moisture after washing the minced meat. It will make shaping the kebab easy.
2) In case if metal skewers, ensure that skewers are clean and well-greased.
3) Should you take out the meat from the fridge, let it come up to the room temperature.
4) You can try goat meat or chicken with similar spice blend.

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