Best Restaurant Recipes You Can Prepare at Home

It certainly is a different and difficult time! With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, going out for a family dinner or a date night or simply to chill out with friends have become a risky endeavour. These constraints and challenges can easily affect a person mentally as well as physically.So, here’s unveiling secret restaurant recipes to help you eat scrumptious meals in the safe premise of your home. With the help of these easy recipes, you can make the best restaurant recipes and takeout favourites at home with these easy recipes.


Chicken Popcorn

The first food that most people order when they dine out! We bring to you the simplest version of this absolute favourite. Prepared in less than 30 minutes, the crispy fried bites of spicy and flavourful chicken is certainly one of the best restaurant recipes 2021. 

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Chicken Malai Tikka Recipe

A chicken malai tikka recipe for soft, juicy kebabs on skewers that will simply melt in your mouth. Tender pieces of boneless chicken are marinated in a unique blend of yogurt, cream, cheese, papaya and spices and cooked on a grill or oven. Perfect for an outdoor barbecue.

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Veg Biryani

A delectable treat that is lavish yet supremely simple to make any day. A palatable combination of health and delicious flavours, this recipe shows you uncomplicated method of preparing this extravagant meal.

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Hariyali Paneer Tikka

If you are looking for an easy to prepare and great to savour vegetarian appetiser, then this is the perfect option for you. Laden with the aroma of herbs and goodness of paneer, this recipe will please your palate with an assortment of flavours.

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Rogan Josh

Love Rogan Josh but hate the intricate process it takes to prepare it? Here’s the simplest way to prepare this sumptuous treat at home. The step by step instructions will help you prepare this rich delicacy with great ease.

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Bharwan Aloo Tikki

A dish that scrumptiously represents the essence of Indian street food! Made using the simple ingredients available at anyone’s kitchen pantry, Bharwan Aloo Tikki is perfect to satiate your craving for Indian street food.

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Chicken Momos 2 Ways

The ultimate street food dish made in the traditional way as well as in an innovative way so that you don’t have to go through with the whole hassle of wrapping the momos properly in the skin.

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