Essential pots and pans for Indian cooking

Essential pots and pans for Indian cooking
The best cookware for Indian cooking that will give all your cooking worries a rest!

With a constellation of cookware options available in the market, it's quite easy to be lost in the brouhaha. However, there are certain cookware that are essential for every kitchen. These cookware will help you cook delicious Indian meals every day. These cookware are just designed for Indian cuisines, so without much ado, check out the list of must-have pots and pans for every Indian kitchen.




What makes Indian cuisine special?


​​Authentic, awesome and rich in taste; Indian cuisine is all about this! They are diverse and delicious; spicy and sumptuous; lavish and luscious! An amalgamation of varied flavours, each distinctive to different regions, Indian cuisine is a treat to tastebuds for the melodious mayhem they induce. From idlis and dosas to crunchy samosas and filling biryanis, India cuisine boasts of a wide variety and to cook these delicacies you would certainly need an arsenal of cookware in your cabinets.




Why do you need special cookware for Indian cooking?


  1. ​​So that cooks don’t have to change their cookware often; they can be dependent and reliant on their sturdy cooking tool.
  2. ​​So that the cookware can withstand strong flavours and neither be harmed by them or react to them.
  3. ​​Because Indian cuisine often requires high heat; therefore, thermal conductivity of a cookware is essential.
  4. ​​Because holding the handle to stir forms a major part of the cooking process, therefore, the handle should be wide and elongated for easy grasp.



Must-have cookware for Indian cooking:


​​ 1. Tawa- For rotis, parathas, chilis and all kinds of flatbreads


​​A Roti tawa is a must in any Indian Kitchen as roti is a staple item across all households. Rotis or Phulkas are first cooked on a tawa, then put directly on flame to rise and puff. A non-stick tawa is generally considered handy to prepare evenly cooked, soft rotis. Tawas are also used to prepare dosas and uttapam too; however, it is generally recommended to use dosa tawa for the perfect cooking result.

​​Recommended Tawas:


1. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Roti/Chapati Tawa 26cm, Black

Meyer Cast Iron Tawa


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 2. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa, 28 cm, Black

Meyer Cast Iron Dosa Tawa


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3. Circulon Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Square Tawa, 28 cm

Circulon Tawa


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​​ 2. Kadai/Wok:


​​You’ll probably need a skillet all the time for making your favourite Kadhai Paneer or any curry. Any household is incomplete without a right sized and immaculately made kadai. So, get a good one with heavy-duty construction. For your everyday Samaritan, these awesome kadai can be used for the preparation of small batches of food which have zero to very less gravy. However, that does not limit them to just browning and roasting meat, sautéing veggies, stir-fries, pan sauces, toasting spices or deep frying. They, in fact, will be your helping hand for every meal, every day and on every occasion.

​​Recommended Kadai/Wok:


1. Circulon Origins 30cm Non-Stick + Hard Anodized Kadai/Wok with Lid

Circulon Kadai


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2. Meyer Select Stainless Steel Kadai 30cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

Meyer Select Stainless Kadai


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3. Meyer Pre Seasoned Cast Iron 30cm Kadai/Wok with Glass Lid

Meyer Cast Iron Kadai


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​​ 3. Non-Stick Frypan:


​​With superior non-stick coating, a fry-pan will be the epitome of how to live healthily. Without worrying to clean it every time you use, it not just saves time but cuts down on oil as well. So, not just a couple’s health custodian but also a great time saver. Our experts recommend Circulon Saute Pan and Merlot non-stick open frypan. The Merlot range available in bright merlot hue, will not just add sparkle to your kitchen but magnify health and wellness of your family. Also, Merlot has a revolutionary diamond-dusted interior for high-performance, strength and durability. It will not just erase you from kitchen responsibilities but also radicalise your lifestyle. Versatile for every occasion, it can be used for making dry vegetarian preparations, pan frying meats, fish or tofu to poached eggs, chillas, omelette and an endless list of delicacies.

​​Recommended Tawas:


1. Meyer Accent Series Hard Anodized Nonstick Frying Pan/Skillet, 20cm, Matte Black

Accent Fry Pan


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2. Circulon Clad Stainless Steel Frying Pan / Skillet with Hybrid SteelShield and Nonstick Technology, 25cm ,Silver

Circulon Fry Pan


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3. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 22cm Frypan/Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet


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​​ 4. Saute pan:


​​These are perfect for one-pot meals such as biryani and pulaos and even lavish chicken recipes. Saute pan is a great option for simmering, searing, sauteing, frying and reducing liquid- all essential parts of Indian cooking.

​​Recommended Tawas:


1. Meyer Select Stainless Steel Saute Pan 24cm (Induction & Gas Compatible)

Select Saute Pan


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2. Meyer Accent Series Stainless Steel Saute Pan with Helper Handle, 4.5 Litres

Accent Saute Pan


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3. Circulon Origins 24cm Saute Pan Non-Stick Hard Anodized

Origins Sautepan


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​​ 5. Tadka Pan:


​​Indian cuisine- such as curries or dal- without tadka is simply not Indian cuisine. We have got the perfect pan to help you prepare your hot tadka. Compact and comfortable, this pan is perfect to prepare your tempering with that transforms the flavour, aroma and the look of any Indian cuisine. Use this wonderful tadka pan to unlock the potential of flavour.

​​Recommended Tawas:


1. Meyer Stainless Steel Mini Pot 10CM/0.6L

Mini Pot


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