Top Non-Toxic Cookware Brands in India

Top Non-Toxic Cookware Brands in India
Cookware brands that offer quality and safety assurance

There are​​ Whether you are an experienced home chef or a beginner, a great cookware always helps you to prepare gourmet meals. The best cookware brands in India give you a canvass to let your culinary creativity flow. They don’t bind you with limitations but give a new life to your cooking adventures with their innovative designs, safe & sturdy materials and user-friendly features. The top cookware brands understand the requirement of a home as well as professional chef, therefore, offer a wide range of cooking vessels in myriad materials, shapes and sizes- all 100% safe.



​​Explore the best cooking brands in India that will meet and exceed all your cooking and kitchen requirements with aplomb. All these brands have NO PFOA, NO LEAD, NO CADMIUM, NO BPA and NO NICKEL. 


1. Circulon


​​About the brand: The World’s No 1 Gourmet Cookware brand - that has been offering a seamless cooking experience for 40 years offers three revolutionary ranges in India- Infinite, Momentum & Origin. Circulon boasts of a patented total non-stick system. Each of its cookware has hi-low grooves that significantly reduces abrasion and offers the most premium cooking experience. The brand promises ZERO oil cooking & lifetime warranty on any manufacturing defects.  


 Brand Includes Infinite Momentum Origin



2. Steel Shield


​​About the brand : Bringing the best of stainless steel performance and nonstick convenience with this hybrid collection! Experience the perfect blend of strength and elegance of steel cookware with 100% safe nonstick coating that really lasts. Uniquely engineered, Circulon SteelShield™ features an ultra-durable tri ply clad construction for a lifetime of professional quality results along with a hybrid cooking surface with an extremely durable, PFOA-free nonstick that is protected with raised circles of steel. 


Brand Includes :

Fry Pan, skillet, sauteuse, casserole, biryani pot, Chef’s pan, saucepan

Starting price: ₹ 3,220




3. Meyer Accent


​​About the brand : This is a range that has been designed completely for your comfort. All the pots, pans and accessories have been made keeping the needs of all the home chefs as well as veteran cooks in mind. All the aspects of this range have been designed to eliminate hassles that you might otherwise encounter while cooking with other cookware. You will be delighted to know that the team who designed these cookware have actually travelled all over the world, been into the real kitchens to see the kind of cookware that a home, a kitchen, and a cook needs! 


Brand Includes :

Stockpot, Nonstick and stainless steel set, Universal lid, Frypan, turner, Dutch oven, Chef’s pan, saute pan

Starting Price: ₹ 575



4. Meyer Cast Iron


​​About the brand : Indian cuisine is a kaleidoscope of various styles and methods, and cast iron cookware understands this very well. Meyer Cast Iron cookware has been designed to complement Indian cuisines. If Indian cuisine involves a myriad of cooking methods like deep frying, grilling, simmering and so on, this range allows you to do all these and more without the fear of warping and damage. This range is absolutely toxin and chemical free and incredibly amazing. 


Brand Includes :

Roti Tawa, Appam pan, Dosa tawa, kadai, frypan, skillet, Dutch oven, sauteuse, square tawa, wok, 2-in-1 grill pan, hot handle holder

Starting Price: ₹ 610




5. Meyer Select


​​About the brand: An Indian kitchen is incomplete without a stainless steel cookware. Meyer Select understands this sentiment, therefore, offers the most premium stainless steel cookware range in India with zero nickel. It is totally safe and durable, and wins you trust with its incredible cooking performance. Its classic silvery appearance only augments its overall appeal. This is the stainless steel cookware brand that is made for Indian kitchens and Indian cuisines. 


Brand Includes :

Frypan, Kadai, Saute Pan, Casserole, Sauteuse, Milk Pan, Saucepan
Starting Price: ₹ 1,900





Explore Entire Range of Meyer Cookware


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