Tomato Soup

Here's another simple one pot recipe for you guys. A creamy and tasty cream of tomato soup, which tastes like just the one you eat at the restaurant. With everything made inside the presta pressure cooker, this soup gets ready in just under 30 minutes. Go ahead and try this recipe, to experience the taste of the classic tomato soup.


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  2. Quick and Easy Tomato Soup recipe
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What is Tomato Soup?

This Creamy and Healthy Soup was first mentioned in 1857 by Eliza Leslie in her New Cookery Book. It was later popularised in 1897 by Joseph A. Campbell's recipe. Tomato soup can be said to be of Spanish origin. It can be served hot or cold, and traditionally the cold version is called Gazpacho, which originated from southern spain. The restaurant style tomato soups that were all used to are made from whole tomatoes as their prime ingredient. They are either thickened with a roux made with flour and butter or with the tomato pulp and enriched with cream and butter.


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Quick and Easy Tomato Soup recipe

We've all eaten Tomato Soup in one restaurant or the other, for some it's their favourite, for some it's nostalgic. This recipe of a one pot tomato soup, simplifies the whole process and makes it an effortless dish, made under 30 minutes. The creamy, tangy tomatoes with the richness and flavour of butter and cream, this is one recipe that is definitely gonna take you back to the memory lane.  


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    How to make Tomato Soup?

    1)In a Presta Pressure Cooker, add the tomatoes chopped into cubes, whole garlic cloves, ginger cubes, water, soaked bread, salt and red chilli powder, followed by dried red chillies, cubed onions and green chillies, and lastly tomato puree.

    Tomato Soup

    2) Put the lid on the pressure cooker and cook everything at level 1 for 25 minutes. After 25 minutes, release the pressure and bend everything with an immersion blender.
    Steam Tomatos

    3) Let the soup cook and reduce for a while. Simultaneously remove the scum that develops on the top using a ladle.
    Tomato Soup

    4) Add some butter and cream to the soup and stir to incorporate. Finish the soup off with some honey and serve it hot in a bowl. Optionally garnish the soup with some fresh cream, sprinkle on some black pepper and place a sprig of coriander on top.
    Tomato Soup


    Expert Tips

    1) Use the most red and pulpy tomatoes, as they give a better result.

    2) Do not over cook the tomatoes, as they might lose their colour.

    3) You can reduce the amount of butter or cream in the soup, but it would affect the flavour.

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