11 Best Easy Food to Make at Home for Dinner

It's time to dive into dinner!
If you are thinking about healthy food to make at home we have got you covered!
Dinner should be an amalgamation of nutritious, light and easy to digest meals. Dinner should also be something that you can rustle up in a jiffy and enjoy with your family. After all, after toiling all day long, who wants to bend over pots and pans to prepare an exhausting (even if it is exhilarating) meal? Moreover, overeating or eating too much junk during night time could lead to trouble sleeping as well as indigestion.To take you out of the dinner time quandary, we have amassed a list of best easy food to make at home for dinner. These easy dinner recipes for family have the right amount of taste and nutrition to satiate your palate as well as help you gear up for a relaxed slumber.These wonderful recipes also qualify for easy food to make for lunch and you can also use them for lazy Sundays as brunch.So, spruce up your dinner with these healthy food to make at home:
1.Lamb Seekh Kebab
A bite of this delectable treat is sure to relieve you from the woes of the day.This is a quick food to make at home that resembles the excellence of a restaurant and that you can easily serve to your guests. Super soft and juicy, the seekh kebabs are made in a traditional way on cast iron grill pan.
Get the recipe here- Click here
2.Coconut Chicken Stew
There’s nothing as heartening and uplifting than this rich coconut and chicken stew. Cooked in coconut milk with minimum spices, this is a traditional recipe from the state of Kerala. What’s more, this takes only 20 minutes to prepare.
Easy, breezy and completely scrumptious!
Get the recipe here- Click here
3.One Pot Noodles
Fuss-free, this is one recipe that will be lapped up by all and sundry with equal gusto. Perfect food to make at home when bored or when you have little time, this will take only 5 minutes to prepare. And the addition of vegetables make this a power-pack and perfect dinner option.
Get the recipe here- Click here
4.Chicken Dumpling Soup 
Here’s a classic comfort dish that is perfect to make at home and enjoy whenever you want. If you are craving for something simple, soothing and savoury, this is just perfect for you!
Get the recipe here- Click here
5.One Pot Vegetable Coconut Stew
Relive your memory of savouring delectable South Indian cuisines and relieve your taste buds from the wrath of mundane flavours with this easy-to-prepare, restaurant-like One Pot Vegetable Coconut Stew.
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6.One Pot Masala Quinoa
Staying healthy is not a choice, but mandatory for everyone. Health is the most pivotal thing and here’s a healthy recipe with the right amount of zing to keep your palate happy and you healthy.
Get the recipe here- Click here
7.Hing Aur Dhaniya Ke Aloo
A super simple yet super delicious recipe that’s made using easily available ingredients. All you need is some potatoes and a little time, and then this fuss-free sabji is done.
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8.Creamy Mac And Greens
Here’s a simple rendition of everyone’s favourite pasta, a perfect food to make at home when bored. An American staple with a modern twist and a certain depth of flavours to give it a healthy twist. Quick and sure taste pleaser, this will certainly be a great hit among the little often hard-to-please munchkins.
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9.Veg Black Rice & Keema Biryani
A vegetarian biryani recipe that is made using black rice. Not only is black rice rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants but it also has a much more intense flavour.
This is certainly one of the easy dinner recipes for family that will take care of their health as well as taste!
Get the recipe here- Click here
10.Channa Masala
Your dinner will be incomplete without this classy treat that is a favourite in all Indian homes. Made with chickpeas and infused with rich Indian spices, this piquant treat is perfect to pair and enjoy with a deep fried or baked bread.
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11.Strawberry And Tender Coconut Danish Pastry
End your dinner soiree with this delicious delicacy. Danish pastries with a crispy flaky crust and a fruit and custard filling, and a lavish use of strawberry jam and tender coconut flesh, this will add a sweet note to your dinner time.
Get the recipe here- Click here 

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